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Thread: Jitte vs Sharpshooter, combat damage triggers / dies triggers

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    Jitte vs Sharpshooter, combat damage triggers / dies triggers


    I have an attacking creature with a Jitte (Jitte currently has 0 counters). Creatures are going to die this combat due to combat damage.

    Opponent controls a Sharpshooter.

    Is there a moment where any player get priority between the Jitte trigger of adding counters ("whenever equipped creature deals combat damage"), and the moment where the Sharpshooter trigger ("whenever a creature dies") triggers ?

    I don't think so as according to the CompRules, "510.3. Third, the active player gets priority. " seems to be the first point at which the game gives anyone priority, and that is after combat damage has been assigned (and dealt as a TBA, and thus creatures dying as SBA, without anyone getting priority in between).

    So my understanding is :

    - Simultaneously, combat is dealt and assigned, and creatures dealt lethal damage die as a SBA (no one has gotten priority yet or in between these events)
    - Jitte and Sharpshooter triggers then simultaneously go on the stack, With Jitte triggers on bottom and Sharpshooter triggers on top (because of APNAP rule).

    In effet, the opponent can then use his Sharpshooter several times without me being able to use my Jitte because it currently still has 0 counters (the triggers adding counter are still unresolved on the bottom on the stack) and it will only get them after the Sharpshooter triggers (and anything else that will be put on stack) will have resolved.

    Am I right ?

    Alternatively, could it be :

    - Combat is dealt and assigned (no one gets priority)
    - Jitte triggers go on the stack (no one gets priority)
    - Creatures dealt lethal damage die as a SBA (no one gets priority)
    - Sharpshooter triggers go on the stack on top of Jitte triggers
    - AP gets priority

    Which would in effect not change anything here, but would if roles were reversed and AP had the Sharpshooter and NAP the Jitte.
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    Re: Jitte vs Sharpshooter, combat damage triggers / dies triggers

    Damage dealt, SBAs checked -> AP Jitte trigger on stack, on top of that NAP Sharpshooter triggers. You won't get to put counters on Jitte until after they're done with Sharpshooter (unless you were the NAP, i.e. blocking).

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