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Thread: Modern dredge sb

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    Modern dredge sb

    I dont know who on this list plays competitive dredge. Last event i was at was syracuse, where i went x2-1, getting knocked out in the second to last rd on a draw. I havent played recently, especially since the humans thing started, or sincr eldrazi started putting less gy hate in the mb. I was hoping to get some ctiticism of my sb list. Here it is:

    2x failure / comply
    2x lightning axe
    1x necroplasm
    2x destructive revelry
    2x maelstrom pulse
    1x ancient grudge
    1x ray of revelation
    2x stony silence
    2x suppression field

    Ill disclaimer that i know having white cards in dredge is super odd, but they each address very specific threats in the meta. Dunno. Thats why I'm asking.
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    Re: Modern dredge sb

    The dredge thread can be found here:

    Some sideboards are posted in that thread. I haven't played the deck in months so can't really comment on yours with any confidence right now.

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    Re: Modern dredge sb

    I've been playing the deck quite a lot recently so am happy to discuss it, but I'm not sure what you're trying to ask? Personally I don't really see a reason to splash white. Can you elaborate on what it brings, are these effects that we couldn't get from staying in Jund colours?

    Failure//Comply - I think we can get a similar effect with Driven//Despair. Vs combo the matchup is generally two ships sailing past each other, we're trying to goldfish a fast kill. Hitting a Despair to play turn three usually discards 3+ cards giving us plenty of time to kill them.

    Necroplasm - I don't understand what this is for?

    Stony Silence - Affinity is a very good matchup, we can play more Ancient Grudge which has more synergy with the deck. If it's for Relic I think we can just overload it.

    Suppression Field - I assume you don't play fetches in this list then? I don't understand what matchup this is for either.

    This is what I've played last -

    3 Driven//Despair is for combo like storm, valakut etc. It's also reasonable to have a couple vs fair decks like BGx to grind more. It gives you a better 'play out your dudes' plan.
    2 Nature's Claim/Abrupt Decay/Ancient Grudge - reactive cards to fight hate, Claim for Leyline decks, Decay for Goyf/Shadow and rip from UW/Grudge for affinity etc, though all three crossover between a few matchups.
    2 Thoughtseize - more interaction for combo, we usually just need to buy an extra turn. These haven't been performing too well recently though.
    1 Gnaw to the Bone - burn, also matchups where you end up racing often.
    1 Vengeful Pharoah - not sold on this as a sb card, it's for GBx and Etron mostly.
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