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Thread: Swedish Legacy Championship 2017 Top 16 with DeadGuyAle

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    Swedish Legacy Championship 2017 Top 16 with DeadGuyAle

    Hello! Ganfar here again with a tournament report. The Halloween is here again and that means Swedish Championship in Borås again. This is held every year in “Borås Spelkovent” arranged by “Svenska Magic”. It has always gone well for me on this tournament (1 “Top 8” and “2 Top 16” in 4 years). I always play with my favorite deck: DeadGuyAle.

    DeadGuyAle Link:

    4 Dark Confidant
    4 Deathrite Shaman
    4 Stoneforge Mystic
    3 Tidehollow Sculler

    4 Thoughtseize
    2 Council's Judgment
    2 Hymn to Tourach
    2 Lingering Souls
    1 Toxic Deluge

    4 Swords to Plowshares
    1 Fatal Push

    1 Batterskull
    1 Sword of Fire and Ice
    1 Umezawa's Jitte

    3 Liliana of the Veil
    1 Gideon of the Trials

    4 Marsh Flats
    4 Swamp
    3 Scrubland
    3 Verdant Catacombs
    2 Plains
    2 Wasteland
    1 Bayou
    1 Horizon Canopy
    1 Karakas
    1 Windswept Heath

    3 Surgical Extraction
    2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    1 Collective Brutality
    1 Diabolic Edict
    1 Disenchant
    1 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Gaddock Teeg
    1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
    1 Kaya, Ghost Assassin
    1 Liliana, the Last Hope
    1 Pithing Needle
    1 Tormod's Crypt

    I made a quick change before the tournament to swap a Collective Brutality from sideboard to Disenchant. Brutality has been “placeholder” for a while now and I wanted a better sideboard card. My friend likes Dischant in the sideboard in his deck and I have too few card to deal with artifacts and enchantments. I really like to play with lots of basic land with Deathrite. I never need to feel afraid for Wasteland.

    I went with my friend by car to the event and was well rested and had some breakfast. It was time to Legacy. It was 97 people in the tournament.

    Match 1: Eldrazi Stompy

    Matchup: I have not played this matchup many times before and didn't know how good the matchup is. I don't like the aggro start the deck has and I HATE REALITY SMASHER as a card. What I have heard from other is that I am favoured in matchup. After the match I will agree on that, I have the removel for his creatures and he has not. Batterskull is a sweet card

    Game 1:

    I won the roll and I keep a hand with Deathrite, Bob, Stoneforge, Plains, Swamp, Fatal Push and Wasteland. One of the best hands for grind.

    Turn 1 Deathrite.

    He goes Temple and exile a Guide to get a 3/3 Endless One.

    Turn2: I play a fetchland I drew for the turn and I needed to decide to play Dark Confidant or Stone Forge. I want to play Stoneforge to get a Batterskull as fast as I can but he had a Temple out and could play a Seer the next turn. I didn't think of that and played my Stoneforge to get my Batterskull and then Fatal Push his Endless One.

    His Turn: He plays the ThoughtKnot Seer and takes my Batterskull. My first and not last misplay ;)

    Turn 3: I cast Bob with Swamp up. I draw a Judgement but I wanted to wait.

    His Turn: SMASHER!!!! and Seer comes in attacking. I need to win the race and life for Bob. Stoneforge had to go chump block the Seer.

    Turn 4: The SMASHER got to meet the Judgement!

    Seer attacks me again.

    I draw Stoneforge and gets a jitte to equip. I take over the game from there.

    +1 Diabolic Edict

    -1 Thoughtseize

    Game 2:
    I keep a hand with Lingering Souls, liliana, Tidehollow, wasteland, fetch, plains and one card that I can't remember.

    He starts off with a chalices on 1 turn with Cavern of souls and guide. No big deal with my start hand

    Turn 1: Land go

    Turn 2: Eye of Ugin to Mimic. I play Tidehollow and exile Seer. It was the only card that he could cast if he draw a land.

    Turn 3: He attack with his Mimic. I play mine Lingering Souls

    Turn 4: Matter shaper comes in hand he attacks for 3/2. I block it I think? He plays another mimic. My turn I play Veil and make him sac a dude. He sac his shaper and gets a Jitte in play. I play my wasteland and waste his carven.

    Turn 5: He plays a City and Seer. He exile something My turn: +1 with Veil. Discard deathrite and he a jitte. I play Stoneforge to get a Batterskull and I also have a Sword of Fire and Ice in my hand. I flashback Souls.

    Turn 6: He attack with 3/2 and mimic. I chump with one of the Stoneforge again to save liliana. My turn: I draw Diabolic Edict. I made him sac both of his creatures with Liliana and Edict.

    Turn 7: He plays a Endless One on 3 and Matter Shaper. My turn: I get a equip my Sword of fire and ice. (I think I got it on battlefield with stoneforge. Don't remember). I kill Matter Shaper with Sword.

    Turn 8: He equips jitte on Endless and attack. I swords Endless to see if he remembers his Void. He didn't. I took over the game and won.

    Summery: The matchup felt was in my favour. There were some misplay from my opponent that made me win


    Match 2: ANT Strom

    Matchup: Damn unfair deck. Bad match up on Game 1. Even after Game 2-3.

    Game 1:
    He starts with Island and a Ponder (COMBO ALARM).
    My turn: Thoughtseize and takes his tutor away. He has only cantrips and rituals in hand.
    His turn 2: He plays a Brainstorm. He thinks for 1 min. Combos off with 12 goblins. SCOOOOPE!

    -2 Lingering Souls
    -4 Swords to plow
    -1 Fatal Push
    -1 Stoneforge
    -1 Sword of fire and ice
    -2 Judgement

    +2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    +1 Gaddock Teeg
    +1 Disenchant
    +1 Brutality
    +3 Surgical
    +1 Tormod's Crypt
    +1 Ethersworn Cannonist

    I sideout Stoneforge and Equip in combo match up. Equips are too slow.

    Game 2:
    Mull to 6. The first seven had lands, bob and Stoneforge. Not good.

    The 6 had : Deathrite, Bob, Hymn and 3 lands. Keep.

    Turn 1: Deathrite go. He cast Probe and Duress on his turn and take my hymn.

    Turn 2: I draw a Surgical and play my Bob. He cantrips and I remove a land from his graveyard to prevent threshold

    Turn 3: I flip a Thalia and draw a Hymn. Hymn him and then play Thalia. He draw only lands


    Both mulls to 6. He begins with probe, Brinstrom, Probe. Strom 10 with a Tendrils on the stack turn 1. Ban Probe plz!

    Game 1 and Game 3 was both too fast to me, didn’t matter what hand I keep. Game 2 won because he drew only lands.


    Match 3 Shardless BUG

    BUG List without Leovold. I feel favored in this matchup with all the grindy cards. I have played against him before so I know what he plays.

    Game 1:

    Turn 1: I win the roll and cast Deathrite from a Swamp.

    He fetches and cast a Deathrite as well.

    Turn 2: I play the Push on this deathrite and play Stoneforge. I get Batterskull.

    He plays a land and Hymn me. I discard a land and other card

    Turn 3: I cast Tidehollow. I see two Sharless and one AD. I take the AD because it’s a removal för Tidehollow. I have two mana up for Stoneforge.

    He plays a Sharless and hit Thoughtseize. I response with Stoneforge and put batterskull on the field. He takes Judgement instead of Swords to Plowers.

    Turn 4 : He has two Sharless(I don’t remember how he got two) but I hit him with Batterskull he block with both. I return Batterskull to my hand and put it on the battlefield again.

    He goes beat down with Gofy and plays a Strix. I hit with Batterskull. I mess up and don’t activate stoneforge before I return Batterskull. He push Stoneforge in response so I can’t put Batterskull into play

    He got creatures to block with but I drain him with Deathrite and he don’t draw removal for it.

    +1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
    +1 Liliana, the Last Hope
    +1 Kaya, Ghost Assassin

    -1 Gideon of the Trails
    -1 Thoughtseize
    -1 Tidehollow Scruller


    I keep a hand with Deathrite, two bobs and lands.

    We both start of with turn 1 Deathrite Shaman

    Turn 2 he cast Liliana of the Veil and I have to sac mine. He has only Bayou and Swamp in play.
    I cast Bob and pass.

    Turn 3: He uses Veil +1 and Hymn me.

    I get trigger from Bob. I have to attack the Veil. I want to force him to lose Veil or deathrite. He plays and uses Deathrite to get mana for Brainstorm. I cast my second Bob and pass.

    Turn 4: He draw his card and +1 with Veil. He has one card left in the hand.
    I get a trigger from Bob and attack Veil. He has a AD for it. I don’t know why he play it on my turn.

    Turn 5: He draw and uses +1 with veil. Discard a Vision. I draw a land and play it.

    Turn 6. He does the same thing and I draw Kaya. Perfect with 4 land. I play her and does her -1. Not going to do her -2 to draw a card and let it be discard be veil.

    Turn 7: He uses +1 with veil and pass

    Turn 8: I draw Gideon, The Ally of Top Deck. I cast him and make a 2/2 Ally. I use Kaya to draw a card and play a land

    He have to use the ultimate with liliana when she is on 6. I keep the pile with Gideon, token and lands. The next turn I draw Liliana, the Last Hope and my opment lost his last hope to win.

    Summery: There were some mistakes from his side that made him lose both games. I felt a bit confidant in the match


    Match 4 Sneak and Show

    MatchUp: One of the better combo matches for the deck. Don’t go off with a turn 1 and it’s weak to discard spells and Liliana.

    I keep a hand with 2 liliana, souls, tidehollow, swamp, karakas och Stoneforge.

    He begins his turn with fetch with Tarn to Island and Ponder. My Combo Alarm was on high alert. I play my swamp and pass

    He play a land and pass. I cast Tidehollow but he force it

    He plays Tomb, Lotus Petal to Sneak Attack. The big Eldrazi sneaks in

    -1 Fatal Push
    -2 Lingering Souls
    -3 Swords to Plow
    -1 Stoneforge
    -1 Jitte
    -1 Gideon of the Trails
    -1 Toxic Deludge

    +2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    +1 Gaddock Teeg
    +1 Disenchant
    +1 Brutality
    +3 Surgical
    +1 Ethersworn Cannonist
    +1 Diabolic Edict


    I keep my 6 after mulligan a hand with Bob and 6 lands

    I keep a hand with 2 bob, verdant, deathrite, hymn och surgical.

    Turn 1 Scrubland to cast Deathrite. He goes land go.

    Turn 2: I draw another Bob and miss my land drop. I cast him. He thinks for a while and then he force it. He cast a land and pass

    Turn 3: No land and I cast my Deathrite. He cast a Impulse at the end of my turn. Untaps and plays a Blood Moon.

    Turn 4: I cast Bob.

    Show and tell till omniscience -> Emma

    Summary: He counter my discard spell the turn before he goes off. Couldn’t stop it.

    Match 5 4 Color Delver

    Matchup: I think it’s even matchup. Pyromancer and Truename is the biggest danger in the deck. Kogaths Command as well. I have answers like Toxic Deluge but maybe too few.


    It was a long grindy game. I remember that I have to choose between Liliana of the Veil and Judgement to removal Gurmag Angler. I had only 3 mana and I was afraid of Daze. Judgement felt a batter card to lose for a Daze then Liliana. It don’t get countered and Gurmar comes. Then Pyromancer was cast and Liliana become useless.

    It went do to a race with lingering souls with Sword of Fire and Ice and element tokens and Truename. I had to plow my token to gain some life.

    I am on 4 and have a Plow in my hand. Truename and a token is on the field. I have to cast Lingering Souls and it resolves. I know that I was dead if he has a bolt in hand and Daze. But I make a mistake to flashback my Lingering Souls. He attacks with Truename and then bolt me. I see now that I have a fetchland I need to break to get mana for the Daze.

    +1 Gideon, Ally
    +1 Liliana, Last Hope

    -1 Gideon of the Trails
    -1 Liliana of the veil

    Grindy game that I won. Gidion of ally was good against pyro then veil. Tokens with with fire and ice won the game for me.

    Slow start for both of us.
    We come to a broad state with stoneforge with batterskull to gain life against delver.

    It was really close game. I need a more round to win I had two deathrite and only one black mana. He was on 3 life.

    I did one big mistake in game 1. It was a fun match with really close games.


    Match 6 Esperblade

    Matchup: This is a good matchup I think. I have to handle Truename and Jace.

    Game1: I start of with a Tidehollow. He reads the card and use the Plow before the Tidehollow trigger. Two for one. He has only lands and force. I play a Bob and he don’t find removal for it. I win

    He has to mull 6.

    He start with Thoughtseize and takes my Toxic.

    I play a Stoneforge to get a Batterskull. He plays Truename but I have Veil to kill it. He draw only land after that

    He did one big mistake and didn’t draw anything good.


    Match 7: Grixis Tempo Ninja

    Matchup: A brew with Grixis control and Ninja of the Deep Hours. I think it’s good match up.

    Turn 1: I start with Thoughtseize. I see Snare, Spellstutter Sprite, Ninja. I take Snare so I can play Bob. He goes land go.

    Turn 2: I cast Bob. He cast his Sprite. Bolt my bob and Ninja.

    Turn 3: I cast both Stoneforge and Deathrite. I get Jitte. He attacks with ninja and cast Lavamancer.

    Turn 4. I draw my Toxic Deluge for the turn. I want to cast it to clear the board. I equip Jitte to stoneforge to attack. He kills it with Lavamancer. I cast Toxic for 2. He cast a Truename on his turn.

    Turn 5: I cast Lingering Souls with Flashback. He cast a Delver and hits me with Truename

    Turn 6:I attack with my token with Jitte. He stifle the Jitte Trigger. I cast Stoneforge to get a Sword of Fire and Ice.

    I win the race with spirit with equips. He can only hit me with Truename.

    +1 Liliana of the Last Hope
    -1 Gideon of the Trails


    He keeps a hand with 6 cards.

    Turn 1: He goes with Delver. I cast Thoughtseize. He makes a comment that I always play Thoughtseize. He has only two Brainstorm and 1 Bolt. I take the bolt.

    Turn 2: He transform the delver with Daze. He hits me and cast Lavamancer. I play my Wasteland and cast my Thoughtseize. Discard the Daze

    Trun 3: He hits with delver and cast one more Delver. I draw Toxic again from the top and goes for 2. I have to fetch for a plains even if I have Veil in my hand. I really want to cast Stoneforge.

    I get to cast Stoneforge without any response and takes over the game.

    Toxic was MVP in both games. It was fun games and close.


    Match 8: Death and Taxes

    Matchup: This is a good matchup for me. They have to have Ather Vial or Mother of Runes turn 1 to have a good chance to win. I have a lot of basics to fetch

    I had to go to buy and eat something and talked with my friend. I forgot the time and come to late for my match. I know the guy from the Local Game Store so he was cool with it

    I don’t have any notes here but I start of with deathrite. He don’t have any good start. He had a hand with kot of wasteland but I fetched for Basic so they were useless. I am really nervous because I have already lost a game and need to win two in a row

    +1 Liliana, the Last Hope
    +1 Disenchant

    -1 Thoughtseize
    -1 Gideon of the Trails

    Mull to 3 lands, karakas, disenchant, veil.

    He starts with plains go and I also play a land for my turn.
    He plays a Stoneforge to get a jitte.
    I draw a Stoneforge and play it to get a Jitte.

    He pass to have mana up for Stoneforge.

    I play Liliana of the Veil and make him sac his Stoneforge. He play Revoker and Thalia.

    I manage to clear of the board by Dischenhat on Revoker so I can activate Veil. He gives up when I equip jitte and get a hit.


    I have no chance for Top 8 but I had chance for top 16. I got on the 16 place and won two Grafdigger’s Cage. I think the tournament went well for me. DeadGuy Ale seems well place in the tournament. 6 of 8 decks that I met was deck in my favour. I made a few mistake but none of them made me lose the match. The two games I lost couldn’t do anything to stop.

    I Hope you enjoy reading my report!
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    Re: Swedish Legacy Championship 2017 Top 16 with DeadGuyAle

    Nice to read a Deadguy report. Thanks!

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    Re: Swedish Legacy Championship 2017 Top 16 with DeadGuyAle

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Nice to read a Deadguy report. Thanks!
    I am glad to hear that
    Deadguy ale Primer: (Jeff did it before me)

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