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Thread: UW Enduring Ideal

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    The Enchantment Volrath's Stronghold ('Heliod's Hall of Generosity') looks like a really good option for this deck
    Not only does it perform a similar role as Mistveil Plains for reloading your combo pieces, but against control decks you can use it to put threatening cards like Dawn of Hope back on top of your library if they counter or remove them.

    'On thin Ice' is also interesting as an easier-to-cast Chained to the Rocks, it could be a good option for main or side

    Edit: I'm thinking of playing Suppression Field again because it has a relevant effect against the Hogaak deck (Tax Altar of Dementia / Carrion Feeder) as well as being an ok card against planeswalkers and such.
    Because of the way that this interacts with Dawn of Hope I would probably go back to the red splash for Assemble the Legion / SB Alpine Moon. The RW Horizon Canopy [Sunbaked Canyon?] could also be a good include (even though it's a nonbo with Suppression Field it doesn't have much opportunity cost to include it in the deck, and in the lategame if you're mana flooded with Nykthos you can still easily pay for it)
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