Knight Ware Inc in Studio City, CA is holding its next Sanctioned Store Credit Legacy tournament on Sunday January 14, 2018

This is a Team Unified Legacy tournament
3 player teams, 16 teams maximum.
No card duplication in teams decks except basic land

If attending, please sign up on this google sheet

Don't have a team, there is a section for individuals to sign up.
Need a team member, contact people from the individual section.

Start time will be 2:00 PM and REL will be Competitive
William Kim (L1) has agreed to head judge

This is inbetween our 2 prereleases (10am and 3pm)

Entry Fee $10 per team member
Please bring cash for your entry fee!
Credit cards for other purchases are still fine

Donít have a deck or want to try something different?
No problelm, The store has 19 decks available to borrow.
If you need to borrow a deck, let me know asap

Facebook Link

Prize Pool
All entry fees will be given back in store credit, top 4 - depending on turnout

Knight Ware Inc.
3709 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA. 91604
(818) 769-7830

Sunday January 14, 2018
Store opens at 9 AM (early opening to run 1st prerelease)
Registration anytime after that and before 2:00 PM
(casual play before the tourney is most welcome, bring your EDH, vintage, etc.)
Tournament at 2:00 PM
Entry Fee $10 per team member.
Please bring cash for your entry fee!
Credit cards for other purchases are still fine

Team Unified Legacy
REL is Competitive
Decklists Required

4-7 Teams, 2 Single-Elimination Rounds (No Swiss)
8 Teams, 3 Single-Elimination Rounds (No Swiss)
9-16 Teams 4 rounds cut to T4
WER (Wizards Event Reporter) standings just prior to the cut will be used to determine 3rd/4th

Parking is the main reason most of our larger events are on Sundays
Behind the store there are numbered spaces, #1 to #11
Starting from the left,

Spaces #1, # 2 and #3 are for Universal Cycles#
#1 is the ramp, don't park there, #2 and #3 are ok

Spaces #4, #5 and #6 belong to Psychic Advisor. Leave the ramp available, the other 2 spaces are OK to use.

Spaces #7 and #8 (either side of the telephone/power pole) belong to Vegetable so DON'T park there

Spaces #9, #10, and belong to us - Knight Ware, OK to park there

The streets are metered but not checked on Sundays

The first street to the west of us is Lankershim Blvd..
On Lankershim to the south there is unregulated street parking

any questions, post, call or email me

Lori Saul