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    5c Reanimator

    1 Child of Alara

    1 felwar stone
    1 gilded lotus
    1 sol ring
    1 talisman of dominance
    1 talisman of indulgence
    1 talisman of impulse

    1 angel of despair
    1 apprentice necromancer
    1 ashen rider
    1 avacyn, angel of hope
    1 blazing archon
    1 conduit of ruin
    1 consecrated sphinx
    1 elesh norn, grand cenobite
    1 emrakul the promised end
    1 eternal witness
    1 fauna shaman
    1 fierce empath
    1 inkwell laviathon
    1 Iona, shield of emeria
    1 jace, vryn's prodigy
    1 jin-gitaxius, core augar
    1 karmic guide
    1 kokoshu, the evening star
    1 loyal retainers
    1 massacre wurm
    1 phyrexian metamorph
    1 reya dawnbringer
    1 rune-scarred demon
    1 shadowmage infiltrator
    1 sheoldred, whispering one
    1 sun titan
    1 ulamog, the ceaseless hunger
    1 yosei, the morning star

    enchantments// 6
    1 animate dead
    1 dance of dead
    1 necromancy
    1 search for azcanta
    1 sneak attack
    1 survival of the fittest

    1 enlightened tutor
    1 entomb
    1 flash of insight
    1 frantic search
    1 goryo's vengeance
    1 impulse
    1 intuition
    1 izzet charm
    1 mystical tutor
    1 vampiric tutor

    1 buried alive
    1 deep analysis
    1 demonic tutor
    1 exhume
    1 faithless looting
    1 imperial seal
    1 life//death
    1 reanimate
    1 show and tell
    1 unburial rights
    1 unearth
    1 victimize

    1 arcane sanctum
    1 badlands
    1 bayou
    1 blood crypt
    1 bloodstained mire
    1 city of brass
    1 command tower
    1 crumbling necropolis
    1 exotic orchard
    1 flooded strand
    1 godless shrine
    1 grand coliseum
    1 marsh flats
    1 misty rainforest
    1 murmuring bosk
    1 nomad outpost
    1 opulent palace
    1 path of ancestry
    1 polluted delta
    1 reflecting pool
    1 rupture spire
    1 sandsteppe citadel
    1 savage lands
    1 savannah
    1 scalding tarn
    1 scrubland
    1 temple of epiphany
    1 temple of malice
    1 temple of silence
    1 underground sea
    1 verdant catacombs
    1 vivid marsh
    1 vivid meadow
    1 volcanic island
    1 volrath's stronghold
    1 watery grave

    So this is basically a stock grixis reanimator list. The commander can be used if you get too far behind on board. We also heavily splash green and white: Wreen, because it will allow us to make use of survival of the fittest and other similarly overpowered cards; White, so that you can cast topdecked fatties in the mid/late game.

    This deck is an absolute monster. Survival of the fittest discarding a fatty to go get loyal retainers feels busted as all hell at all times.

    I would like some opinions on some of my choices, and suggestions to improve the deck. There are definitely other reanimation targets to choose from, and my manabase may not be optimal. The deck seems to be crushing it though.
    Originally Posted by Forbiddian

    "Drawing it consistently" is a joke. It doesn't matter whether you have 10 copies or 1 copy. Some games you'll start with it. Some games you'll start without it

    I'm thoroughly convinced that talking to you morons kills braincells. Your parent's should have been sterilized.

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    Re: 5c Reanimator

    Inkwell sucks in commander because it doesn't do anything except attack

    The list seems pretty light on interaction (e.g. your only removal (for any type of permanent) that isn't in the form of a big fatty is Izzet Charm. Literally the only way for you to beat Grafdigger's cage is to Show and Tell / Sneak attack Angel of Despair or Ashen Rider. (Child of Alara too I suppose)

    Imo things like Blazing Archon or Avacyn are bad because people will combo kill you with things that don't care about the combat step or what permanents you have, but it depends how competitive your playgroup is I guess
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