Hi everyone,

I was looking at some MTGGoldFish post about vintage brewing, and something came to my mind, and I'd like you all to share your oppinion with me about it.

There are really only few people playing Vintage on MTGO. Therefore, there are no queues or you have to wait for half an hour to get a game going.

Vintage has really only few people playing worldwide, and people like me (that would never play vintage on paper due to it's price) have finally some support (low prices online) to play it. But starting on the format playing competitive league is just bad. Really bad. Took me about 5 or 6 leagues with no prizes and lots of videos just to take 2 4-1 results and not feel too very bad about having spent money on the deck.

I don't know what's WotC thought process when defining who will get competitive or friendly leagues. What I'm almost sure is that formats with low attendance must have only one of that type of league (just imagine how long it would take to find a game if there were 2 leagues on vintage).

I think everyone that plays vintage on paper AND likes to play online must already do. And look at how few people are playing vintage. Do you think a friendly league would be the best for the format, meaning more people playing it (if I don't know a format, I'd rather not lose 100 tix until I start knowing how to play it), and also more space for brewing (the EV on friendly leagues when you have less than 40% chance of winning - which is about the starting point for testing new decks, probably - is much higher than on competitive leagues).

Do you agree with me that not having a friendly league on Vintage just hurts a lot the attendance on the format?

PS.: Sorry if it wasn't easy to read it, english is not my native language.