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Thread: PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

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    PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

    The Jungle, man. It's out to get you. Misclicks lurk at every turn. You won't even see them coming, and the next thing you know, you're dead. I never really thought about how unforgiving magic online is to someone still trying to learn it or who hasn't experienced all of its random lag and stuff. I've just accepted it that all the bullshit is just part of the online game, and I don't expect my opponent to accommodate my mistakes and vice versa. Sometimes they are minor, like stacking bridge triggers wrong or clicking the wrong order for Sensei Top in Vintage obviously, sometimes they are game ending. That's my preface to the report, because as you can probably guess, there were some massive misclicks. I guess I've taken it for granted how well I know Magic online and all of its quirks since I've been screwing around with the same account for almost 10 years now in some fashion, usually building random decks for the 'classic' format.

    Classic was Vintage before Vintage was a thing online. But to me, classic was just the banned list that let you use old cards before I knew anything about good deckbuilding or tournaments or anything of that ilk. And let me tell you. Casual classic was some of the best magic of all time. It was your kitchen table constructed. This was where people would just build random 60 card decks and jam them against random players. Of course you could still run into people playing Oath and stuff like that, but for the most part it was random synergy decks or tribal or just literally anything. I remember one dude named slagheap that would create a game, and then literally scoop the second you played any card he didn't like. Swamp into Vampiric link on his 1/1 type of scoop. Shit was hilarious.

    I sadly don't have any of my old decklists so don't have all the changes, but figured I should try to recreate them and document them somewhere so what better place than here, in a legacy forum, in a random tournament report, about a constructed format that was never actually real, and was more used as kitchen table online. #MakeTheSourceGreatAgain

    So behold, some of my creations. If I ever find my old decklists buried somewhere, I will surely update this, because they are awesome, and sadly it seems that decks/brews like this have been completely supplanted by commander.

    Crip Rats

    4 Swarmyard
    4 Caves of Koilos
    4 Tainted Field
    12 Swamp
    2 Barren Moor
    1 Cabal Coffers

    4 Crypt Rats
    1 Stillmoon Cavalier
    1 Divinity of Pride

    4 Vampiric Link
    2 Spirit Link
    1 Lifelink
    4 Ragged Veins
    2 Binding Agony

    4 Beseech the Queen
    2 Skeletal Scrying
    2 Reanimate

    4 Swords to Plowshares
    2 Disenchant

    So yea. Find Crypt Rats. Give it a Vamp/Spirit Link. Activate for a million, gain a million * (creatures+players) life. Easy Game. Would've been playing Vindicates back then but they were a thousand dollars online.

    Rootwalla Control

    4 Yavimaya Coast
    3 Riftstone Portal
    1 Bazaar of Baghdad
    4 Misty Rainforest
    3 Island
    3 Forest
    1 Petrified Field
    1 Cephalid Coliseum
    1 Treetop Village
    1 Lonely Sandbar

    4 Basking Rootwalla
    4 Werebear
    3 Squee, Goblin Nabob
    1 Stormtide Leviathan
    1 Mystic Enforcer
    1 Wonder

    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Circular Logic
    4 Crop Rotation

    3 Quiet Speculation
    3 Moment's Peace
    1 Roar of the Wurm
    1 Grizzly Fate
    2 Deep Analysis
    1 Ancient Grudge
    1 Ray of Revelation

    The Bazaar Value Train. Gotta Love it.

    Anyways, for the actual challenge, I made a few small changes to the dredge list I've been playing. I dropped the 4th Thug maindeck for a Darkblast, since I felt comfortable enough with the black creature count for Ichorid to drop it, and the darkblast provides extra utility, especially with the ability to Wraith cycle it. It's also a natural, dredgeable way to kill Containment Priest postboard. I dropped the Iona in the board for a Lotus Petal, since it felt higher impact in more matchups. Verdict is still out on that one. Here is the list:

    4 Gemstone Mine
    4 Mana Confluence
    2 City of Brass
    2 Cephalid Coliseum

    4 Putrid Imp
    4 Street Wraith
    4 Lion's Eye Diamond

    1 Darkblast
    3 Golgari Thug
    4 Stinkweed Imp
    4 Golgari-Grave Troll

    4 Faithless Looting
    4 Breakthrough

    4 Cabal Therapy
    4 Narcomoeaba
    4 Ichorid
    4 Bridge from Below

    4 Firestorm
    3 Wear/Tear
    1 Ancient Grudge
    2 Faerie Macabre
    1 Memory's Journey
    1 Lotus Petal
    2 Dread Return
    1 Ashen Rider

    Onto the actual event


    Round 1 vs Fucking Miracles

    Game 1: I keep 2x Gold, Coliseum, Pimp, Therapy, Narco, Wraith. Slow hand, but has enough disruption on the play and then can go nutty when I draw a dredge. I lead on Pimp, to his Tundra



    Of course its a tundra. Of course its miracles. The deck is the exact same as it was pre-top Ban. The only difference is which decks it is oppressive against. Dredge is not one of those decks. I draw Grave troll for the turn and decide to wait a bit, since heís telegraphing a skillstorm and I donít want to walk right into an unbanned terminus. Figured that since all my plays are uncounterable I can afford to wait and use my therapy to scope out the sitch. He drops a strand. On his end step I drop the troll and wraith it, hitting a narc. My third turn I start loading bullets into my gun. I start with a therapy, and he doesnít respond with the brainstorm he clearly has, so I name brainstorm. I hit brainstorm. I see double ambush viper, force, an island, and a jace. I proceed to coliseum and rip apart the rest of his hand.

    Side: +4 Firestorm, +1 Memory's Journey. -4 Breakthrough, -1 Thug. I usually wait to see if there is a Rest in Peace to deal with and Breakthroughs get worse on the draw vs Fluster and potential red blasts. This is probably my most standard sideboard move as it gives you extreme flexibility, reliable discard, and lots of uncounterable things.

    Game 2: I keep 2x Gold, Coliseum, LED, Pimp, Bridge, and Firestorm. The ability to grind and go quick if need be, and can stop containment priest, so not much to think about with the opening hand. He opens with Portent, I lead with Pimp. His turn 3 consists of snapcaster into Portent, while I draw a looting into a therapy, cast it naming Jace since I couldnít really beat the potential card advantage at the time and see double brainstorm, double terminus, and another snapcaster. I flashback to take the brainstorms, but my opponent quickly finds a Search for Azcanta which takes over the game. I fail to find a dredger for a while, leaving me no chance of really grinding this one out.

    Side: +4 Breakthrough. -1 PImp, -1 Firestorm, -1 Journey, -1 Ichorid. Not entirely sure what I did, so could be wrong.

    Game 3: After that slog, you know that there is only one option. I sideboard back into the nuts, and obviously fan open Triple Breakthrough, Gold, Coliseum, LED, Troll. Whoa. I go for the swag on turn 1 and LED/Breakthrough resolves. Despite getting 4 trolls for Breakthrough, I donít hit a narc and hit a faithless only on the last dredge. I flashback and the first troll still doesnít hit a narco. The last one does, though, and I get to therapy his hand. He had mulled, and I blind name brainstorm and nab two. The rest is just island, predict, terminus, and plains. Elementary.


    Gotta love the turn 1 potential Dredge offers, just bails you out from ever having to make tough decisions and lets you just be an ape and win no matter how bad you might be playing.

    Round 2 vs Thought Miracles was Getting Nerfed

    Game 1: I lose the roll and keep 2x Bridge, Thug, Pimp, Gold, LED, Breakthrough. Risky T1 nut with only the thug, thatís the only problem. He starts on island go, and I draw a troll for my turn. I still choose to lead on Pimp to not get blown out by a potential force. It resolves, so I know the game is already over. Pimps control the game however they see fit and get in for massive chip damage. Tarn, go, to pair with his island for my opponent. I pitch troll and dredge it, and get a therapy. So main phase I dump the two dredgers, and two bridges. He brainstorms in response to the last one for some reason. I figure that he would have used swords while a discard trigger was still on the stack, so I sneak in pimp for two free points of damage and then therapy 2nd main. He fetches in response to therapy, maybe trying to mind game me. I name force regardless, snipe one, and see a strand, tundra, mentor, snare, and counterspell. LED+Breakthrough gets around all of that and we go yard deep.

    Side: Probably same as before

    Game 2: I mull my 7 of 2x Gold, Petal, Stinkweed, Breakthrough, Narc, and Bridge and keep a sneaky 6 of 2x Gold, Stinkweed, 2x Wraith, Looting and scry a Pimp to the top. Double surgical protection on dredgers plus secret speed, what more do you need. He leads on two duals why my pimp resolves, and probes me on his 2nd turn, revealing all of my nefarious plans. I say fuck it lets do it live and pitch stinkweed and wraith at the end of his turn. I decide to hold onto the second for some reason I canít think of now, maybe to provide some flexibility or something dumb. On my draw step dredge I hit a Narc, and he surgicals in response. No matter, one surgical barely even stops dredge. I swing in for two, and sac the Pimp to see what the remaining five cards are. I decide to name snapcaster mage despite my strong inclination that he would have already cast snapcaster to surgical flashback my bridges because as we saw in round 1, sometimes people donít cast brainstorm. I see a Strand, Tarn, Fluster, Island, and Mentor. I go for the 2nd wraith, and flashback a therapy to go after the flusterstorm. He counters, and I use the looting to go deeper. Mentor ends up not being enough to stop Ichorids and Bridges.

    Maybe it wasn't full Miracles? Lol who the fuck cares if it has blue and white cards together then its miracles. We stay stomping.


    Round 3 vs RB Reanipunter

    Game 1: I lose the roll and keep a slow hand of 2x Pimp, Gold, Therapy, 2x Thug, Troll. He goes off turn 1 with swamp, petal, dark ritual, seize his own griselbrand and exhume it. I respect the T1 nut and scoop before revealing any information.

    Side: +2 Dread Return. +1 Ashen Rider, +2 Faerie, +1 Journey, +1 Petal. -1 Darkblast, -1 Ichorid, -4 Pimp, -1 Thug.

    Game 2: My 7 of 2x Narc, Stinkweed, Ashen Rider, Gold, Looting, and Journey looks like it could be something but in reality is garbage vs reanimator so I ship it. My 6 is an even sexier 2x Gold, Thug, Therapy, Wraith, Journey. The Journey is just calling my name saying Ďtrust me Iím good enough to winí. I choose to ignore the temptation and go to a 5 of LED, Wraith, Thug, 2x Macabre. Skill game boys, skill game. I scry another thug to the top since I figure Iíll need a second dredger after wraithing and plus I will still have a few turns to draw and wait thanks to the macabres. I lay out my LED turn 1 and pass, and he goes swamp-dark ritual-entomb-exhume Griseldaddy. I Macabre in response, and exhume the faerie back into play for infinite value. I draw my thug, and the next draw step is stinkweed imp, so I just continue the beats. He entombs again end step for another griselbrand. He then leads out with a duress, and my hand of 2x Thug, Imp, Wraith, Faerie just laughs at it. My next draw step is a looting and destiny chose that moment as the time to go off. I pitch the faerie to get rid of his Grisel and wraith-sac LED in response. My three dredges only manage to hit one bridge, one ichorid, and one therapy, so Iím actually a little worried at this point. He has another entomb in response to my therapy, I miss, and then of course rips an exhume. He gets G-dad, I get Stinkweed. They end up trading or something and he just brings back gris again. To finish a long story, he draws a million cards, and floats his lifetotal between grisel attacks and me cracking back. While low, he ends up animating dead another griselbrand to have an untapped one but enters Valhalla by keeping the tapped one. He scoops before I have a chance to see if I would have hit another narco or finally see my ashen rider to exile the world, so itís not like I was all dead, just mostly.

    Side: none

    Game 3: I snapkeep the following: Bridge x2, Troll, Thug, Dread Return, Wraith, and Faerie Macabre. He mulls to 6 and goes petal, unmask himself discarding Elesh Norn, Dark Ritual, Animate Dead. Faerie saves the day as Elesh is actually full game over. Since he has no permanents and no cards in hand, Iím able to draw up to 8 cards over the next two turns and discard troll to hand size. The wraith hits a narco and an ichorid, which is enough pressure to close out the game before any outs like land-entomb-reanimate hit.


    Round 4 vs Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Delver

    Game 1: I lose the roll and keep 2x Gold, Narco, Breakthrough, Troll, Therapy, Bridge. He opens on Deathrite and dazes my turn 1 therapy and follows up with a young pyromancer. I hardcast a narco to flashback therapy to see whats Gucci with his hand, but that gets dazed as well. I draw a darkblast and try to upkeep target deathrite dredge it back and kill that fucker but he has the force too. Too many tokens later and I scoop.

    Side: I honestly don't even know since my replays show that I nutted with a breakthrough, so clearly kept them in.

    Game 2: My copy paste opponent mulligans all the way down to 4 cards while I keep 3x Gold, Ichorid, Breakthrough, Wraith, and Darkblast. I play out a gold land and pass, and he opens on deathrite. Literally the perfect scenario, as I can cast dblast end step to start dredging. I cast it twice on my next turn, but he has the daze yet again to stop it. He replays his Sea, and on my turn I drede and go to flashback looting. I tap my city for a red mana and with the city trigger on the stack he eats the looting, which opens up a massive breakthrough while he is tapped out. Three narcos and four bridges later he scoops.

    Side: Now probably was the normal side. +4 Deathrite Annihilators, +1 Journey, +1 Petal. -4 Breakthrough, -1 Thug, -1 something.

    Game 3: I keep Gold, LED, Ichorid, Troll, Firestorm, 2x Wraith. So so good vs a deathrite deck. Unfortunately he starts on a Probe, and then a delver. I draw a stinkweed Imp and decide to firestorm the delver right away. I pitch the two dredgers and he forces. With him on only three cards left in hand, I decide to go for it, wraithing twice and flashing back a looting I hit with the LED. I literally have no idea what happened the rest of the game since magic onlineís replay system is extremely bugged. I donít know if any surgicals happened and it turned into a grind or if my unmatched skill of putting my library into the graveyard was too overwhelming after that.


    Round 5 vs Inferior Dredge

    Game 1: I keep LED, Breakthrough, Wraith, Looting, Thug, Stinkweed, Troll on the draw. He opens on gold land, LED, looting, and I notice an amalgam in there, so I know that this round is a bye because of Wraith. I had considered scooping but he only hit one narco, one therapy, and two bridges. He names brainstorm and misses, and brings back the amalgam. I rip a coliseum like a champ and dredge 7 times turn 1 leaving 13 cards left in my library. I nuke his two bridges and have a big enough zombo army with Ichorids at the ready to close it out.

    Side: +2 Macabre, +1 Journey, +1 Petal. Out, some shit, prolly dblast and pimps

    Game 2: I keep Gold, Bridge, Thug, Stinkweed, Faerie, and 2x Wraith, figuring I can buy enough time with the Macabre to draw something spicy. He opens on Gold land only for his turn, while I draw an Ichorid. I natty discard the stinkweed, and on his turn he lays a coliseum and breakthroughs for 1, pitching a bunch of stuff. On his end step I wraith, and he macabres in response. The second wraith saves the day. I donít hit a dredger but like a true lucksack I rip a breakthrough. I hold off as I want the breakthrough to win the game, not just act as a discard outlet, so I just discard the stinkweed to hand size again and plan on Faerie-ing anything relevant the coliseum might hit. He gets a single narc, but I exile that and an ichorid. The followup breakthrough on my turn is backbreaking. I get his bridges and amass a large enough army to take it.


    Round 6 vs MFM (More Fucking Miracles)

    Game 1: I mull down to 4 cards and scoop to a search for azcanta turn 2 and counterbalance turn 3 without playing anything

    Side: Reverse Miracles boarding

    Game 2: My opening 7 is the following: Gold, LED, Troll, 2x Wraith, Faithless, Bridge. I hit Grave-Trolls for all six dredges.

    Side: Reverse back i think

    Game 3: I keep LED, Wraith, 2x Troll, Thug, Pimp, Ichorid. Iíve decided that when playing dredge itís go big or go home and this is the perfect example. Fuck Miracles. Bitches think they can get away with some random bullshit hand without force and stop me. Lol just kidding still gotta play smart kiddies, don't try it at home. I draw a Pimp for my turn and DDD a grave troll, since I have surgical protection. Granted, Iím stone dead to a containment, but oh well. He brainstorms eot and then portents main phase without hitting a second land drop. Should've mulled that keep bruh. I wraith end step and get two dredgers and a looting. I yolo out the LED since I donít have a narc-therapy yet to check for force, and flashback looting. Two narcos incoming. I also hit two therapies and name RIP with the first one and see two priests. Too funny. All thatís left when the dust settles is an Island, 2x Terminus, and a Predict. I think my dredge the next turn gets me another therapy so I snipe the termini. That ends up being too slow to stop the yard shenanigans from continuing.


    Round 7 vs The Peopleís Cannon

    Can't play against Belcher without referencing some of the other classic The Source tournament reports:

    Simply Amazing.

    Game 1: I keep Pimp, LED, Troll, Gold, Narc, 2x Breakthrough. Iím feeling spicy but decidedly less so when he casts a land grant, but Iím quickly back into it when his hand is only an empty. He makes 12 goblins turn 1 while still having a tinder wall in hand. I ape it up for my turn one, deciding to take a hit from the gobbos while setting up Pimp for my single troll. The wall ends up fucking up my bridges when I go for it next turn. How much of a complete idiot can I be? I yolo Breakthrough-LED into potential countermagic all the time, and yet when I have the actual nuts vs the deck you need the actual nuts, I don't even fucking do it. Unreal.

    Side: +2 Dread Return, +1 Ashen Rider, +1 Ancient Grudge. -1 Blast, -1 Ichorid, -1 Pimp. Who knows really.

    Game 2: I keep 2x Gold, Thug, Wraith, Breakthrough, 2x LED. Whoa. Like really whoa. Mine-LED-LED-Breakthrough, hold priority wraith, hold priority sac first LED, wraith back thug, sac second LED, resolve breakthrough and then flashback two lootings. I dredge down to 5 cards in my library and go absolutely bananas on his hand.

    Side: nothing

    Game 3: I keep Gold, LED, Looting, Therapy, 2x Thug, Ichorid. The game plan is just to pray that he canít activate a belcher on turn 1. Heís able to ritual out a belcher, but doesnít have the extra mana. I draw a Wraith for my turn and turn 1 as usual. I hit two narcos and two bridges, which ends up being enough to dread return my ashen rider for his belcher. That wraps it up.


    Top 8 vs Ravager Shops

    Game 1: I lose the roll, since being undefeated and first seed means nothing. I keep 2x Gold, Pimp, Therapy, LED, Ichorid, Breakthrough. He goes Ancient Tomb into Thorn. Like what is this, just ruining my hand like that. I draw a stinkweed imp and prepare for a t2 breakthrough by paying for my LED. He plays out two arcbound ravagers, which are actually bonkers in the matchup for bridge control. I decide to slow it down and play Pimp, since Pimps donít care about thorns. He casts a revoker for my LED and a ballista on his next turn. I block a ravager, pitch the ichorid and stinkweed, and he eats an animated mishraís factory to kill my pimp. Heís already down to 10 though from tombs alone. I breakthrough trying to get some action, but donít hit any bridges, only ichorids left. I pass turn, F6, and leave to go get food. When I come back, I see that he scooped. Huh? Modo misclicks yo. Sacced the Ballista to a ravager. Sheeeeeeeeeeiitttt

    Side: +3 Wear/Tear, +1 Ancient Grudge, +1 Lotus Petal, +4 Firestorm. -4 Breakthrough, -1 Thug, -4 Pimp?

    Game 2: I keep Gold, Looting, Troll, Stinkweed, Bridge, Firestorm, Wear/tear. He opens on leyline and uses a petal to power out a steel overseer. I just lay a land and pass. He plays a second factory and plays a ravager. So basically my hand just lines up so perfectly for the blowout. Tear the leyline end step, upkeep firestorm both his creatures and dome him and then dredge on top of it. He drops a wasteland but chooses not to kill my mana confluence, instead using it to play another steel overseer while keeping a factory untapped. Very strange. With him on only one card left in hand my faithless looting next turn preps my yard way too much and is enough to close it out.


    Top 4 vs ANT

    Game 1: I lose the roll and keep 2x Gold, LED, Wraith, Thug, Bridge, Ichorid. He mulls and starts with a delta into a brainstorm. Then he casts a petal and duresses me. After that opener, I figure he must know Iím on dredge since he is so low on resources after that. Luckily for him he got the roll and he nabs my LED. My draws donít come together fast enough and he ad nauseums a few turns later.

    Side: +2 Macabre, +1 Journey, +1 Petal. -1 Darkblast, -1 Ichorid, -2 Pimp.

    Game 2: I mulligan to a lackluster 5 of 2x gold, Bridge, Troll, Looting and scry memoryís journey to the bottom. It was a tough decision since itís a way to interact with past in flames, but I figured I would only win if I was able to draw into more gas. My looting gives me garbage, another bridge and another gold land. He plays a trop and instantly skillstorms and then drops two lionís eye diamonds. I am so fucked. I forego dredging in an attempt to try and hit a draw spell and draw an ichorid and play my second land. He plays a delta, probes, and then skillstorms again and shuffles, and then plays a ponder. I am even more fucked than I was on turn 1, if that is even possible. I dredge grave troll and play my last land, and flashback looting. I get a narc and manage to assemble a small zombo army. I miss with my therapy and see tons of mana and a ponder so I know its over. However, his draw step and ponder still donít give him anything. I swing with a bunch and somehow fade another draw step to take it.

    Side: nothing

    Game 3: I mull to 6 and keep a meh hand of 2x gold, LED, stinkweed, troll, ichorid, and scry a coliseum to the bottom as im just looking for that nut breakthrough blind rip. He opens up with two probes for my sketchy keep and then natural ad nauseums from hand. Great. His draws also get him a tormodís crypt, which basically ended up being the game. I draw a looting and figure my only out at this point is to draw the yolo singleton petal and a therapy since he is going off next turn. I get the therapy but not the petal and canít do anything through the crypt. He PIFs me next turn.


    3rd Place

    Well canít be too disappointed in the end, as it took a combo deck winning the die roll to finally give that first loss. I think that the deck is completely nuts right now. People haven't been heeding the warnings, so what else are you supposed to do besides just keep crushing it.

    To close it out, you guys can see me being a douche snapping selfies of myself between rounds because I knew I would Top 8.

    As Always,

    Strawberry Shortcake

    What a brainstorm do? Draw card and activate on draw effects fix hand, removing woods

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    Re: PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

    The one and only #DredgeLyfe #FreeNedleeds #WhyWouldYouPlayPlainsVialGo
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Cheese View Post
    I've been taking shitty brews and tier 2 decks to tournaments and losing with them for years now. Welcome to the club. We meet for cocktails after round 6.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stevestamopz View Post
    Top quality german restraint there.

    If I'm at the point where I'm rage quitting, you can bet your kransky that I'm calling everyone involved a cunt.

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    Re: PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

    pimpin aint easy

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    Re: PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

    The one and only!

    One day I hope to be Dredge pimpin like a real pimp.

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    Re: PImpin in the Jungle: 3rd Place Legacy Challenge 1/14

    Good shit Jack! Congrats on the top 4.
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