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Thread: [EDH] Gishath - Dinosaur Tribal

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    Re: [EDH] Gishath - Dinosaur Tribal

    My Cradle arrived!

    - Slice in Twain
    + Farseek
    - The Immortal Sun
    + Untamed Wilds
    - Growing Rites of Itlimoc
    + Gaea's Cradle
    - Plains
    + Savannah
    - Mountain
    + Taiga
    - Tectonic Edge
    + Strip Mine

    Still working to get the mana base just right. I'm no longer swapping cards from The Mimeoplasm, but now I'm using the Taiga, Savannah, and Mana Crypt from Cromat...

    I've cut all the 'cute' stuff except Boros Charm and Heroic Intervention. It has all been replaced with more ramp. I really want Gishath to hit the board turn 4 (turn 5 at the latest). So we'll see if I've hit the critical mass of ramp to make that happen.

    Excited for tomorrow when I get to upgrade 2 dinosaurs with the new ones in M19.

    EDIT: Got the 2 M19 dinos too!

    - Grazing Whiptail
    + Runic Armasaur
    - Sky Terror
    + Gigantosaurus
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