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    Standing Vial

    Hi Guys

    I am currently testing a new deck, which I call the standing vial. Basically the deck is about standstill and aethervial. I made some good records in my local game store.

    Here my actual List:
    21 Lands:
    2 Tundra
    4 Flooded Strand
    1 Polluted Delta
    3 Island
    2 Plains
    4 Wasteland
    4 Mishras Factory
    1 Karakas
    Creatures 24:
    3 Phyrexian Revoker
    2 Truename nemesis
    4 Spellstuttersprite
    4 Stoneforge Mystic
    3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
    3 Judges Familiar
    2 Ninja of the deep hours
    2 Weathered Wayfarer
    1 Spell queller
    Rest: 15
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Aether Vial
    4 Standstill
    1 Sword of Fire and Ice
    1 Umezawa's Jitte
    1 Batterskull

    The deck performed quite well. It is interesting how good the combination of vial and standstill works.
    Basically, the deck is an aggro deck. It tries to get fast a winning position with a standstill online and then finish the game fast. (either with the good equipment or also just because you play basically 28 creatures (with the mishras factory)). The deck is also good in grinding since you have the standstills which you only play If you are in a winning position or have a vial in play. A good point is, that you can bring in your stuff while the stand sill is online. Most people think they just have to wait until you have 7 cards in hand and then crack it in the endstep that I have to discard. But this never happens since I bring my stuff down to the battlefield.
    On the other hand, all your creatures are kinda conrtillish.

    Revorker stops DRS and other dumb hate from your opponent.
    Thalia is just a nasty bitch for all brainstrom and combo decks
    Spellstutter sprite, She is really underrated. I always counter the 1 mana removal spells or also every ponders or brainstorm. It is crucial to counter the cantrips since it slows down your opponent and gives them a bader hand. And since you normally want to win fast its even better.
    Judges familiar, its basically a daze. and the opponent doesn't think about this if you have a vial of 1 in game 1.
    Ninja of the deep hour. Its another created which makes card advantage and can be played through the standstill. even better with the factories!
    Weathered Wayfarer. He can win games with your wastelands since you can activate him with your waste on the stack. as well he gets mishras factories in case of an active standstill.
    spellqueller, I currently try him. He is quite good, especially against lands for example. but the costs 3. I prefer 2 drops.

    TNN is a nice finisher against other control decks.

    Side board actual:

    2 Surgical extraction
    1 Councils Judgement
    2 Rest in Peace
    1 Dryad militant
    2 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Containment priest
    2 Flusterstorm
    1 Dismember
    3 Force of will

    The sideboard of the deck is also a crucial point, why I performed well!. With blue and white you have access to the good sideboard cards and Forces! I played against Belcher. G1 I lose T1. G2 and G3 I won because I have forces, flusters and also the judges familiars and thalias are mentionable winning cards.

    Dryad arber I am currently Testing: she performed really well, especially against lands. and our meta is really lands heavy at the moment.

    Finally, some cars to think about:
    Cloud of Faeries. I played her before, but she does not enough. she puts one power on board. maybe pumps some more mishras factories but that's it. Thalias just do more and have a greater impact.

    I am looking forward to your suggestions!

    I will also make some tournamet reports .

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    Re: Standing Vial

    Merfolk from 2007 called, they want credit for their tech.
    I am counted amongst legions of the unrighteous
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    Re: Standing Vial

    You might want mutavault over factory for sprite.

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    Re: Standing Vial

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Safety View Post
    Merfolk from 2007 called, they want credit for their tech.
    Super helpful.

    Nonsense aside, I like the look of the deck. As someone else mentioned Mutavault is probably just better than Factory here if you’re running Sprite.

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    Re: Standing Vial

    Quote Originally Posted by mistercakes View Post
    You might want mutavault over factory for sprite.
    Yes, I thought about that. The following points I considered:

    + Can activate herself for spellstutter sprite
    + benefits from global effects for example against merfolk.

    Mishra's factory:
    + they can pump other factories
    + in case of blocking they can put themselves. so they are 3/3 blockers.

    Since there are many guys with 2 power. e.g. revoker, snapcaster mage, Thalia, unpumped tireless tracker and some more this is a huge benefit. What one also should consider is, do you have the 1 mana for activating her to counter a cmc 2 spell? mostly yes.
    Then, how many times you want to counter a CMC 2 spell? that does depend strongly on the matchup. In the meta deck matchups, I think the best spells to counter with her are the cantrips and the 1 mana removal and deathrites. There are as well cards like snapcasters or diabolic edict.. but not as many as those with cmc 1.

    So Imo in the most cases you want to counter a cmc 1 spell. Therefore I am fine with having no access to a second faerie and having a 3/3 blocker.

    Next question is, do we want to play some extra manlands. IMO no. because 13 colored mana sources are already critical. The other way would be to just play more lands. But more lands means fewer creatures, this is normally bad in a vial deck.

    But I think I will try to play 2/2 or 3/1 to test the mutavaults, since I think there is a potential in playing both since you can pump the vaults with the factories.

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