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Thread: Dylan Tribal

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    Dylan Tribal

    Working on a modern list to cheat in emrakul/worldspine wurm with summoning trap/through the breach/windbrisk heights/champion of rhobas and devoted Druid+Vizier of remedies. Suggestions?

    4 summoning trap
    4 through the breach
    2 chord of calling

    4 emrakul
    4 worldspine wurm

    4 devoted Druid
    3 champion of rhonas
    4 birds of paradise
    2 noble hierarch
    4 spellskite
    2 vizier of remedies

    4 windbrisk heights
    20 Grw lands

    4 leyline if sanctity
    4 collected company
    1 vizier of remedies
    3 rip
    3 path
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    Re: Dylan Tribal

    This deck seems awful. You have no interaction and not a high enough threat density of creatures you want to attack with in order to make windbrisk heights active. There's not enough dig spells to get to your combo pieces either.

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