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Thread: Everyday Eternal #46: GP Seattle Ante Portas feat. Marius Hausmann

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    Everyday Eternal #46: GP Seattle Ante Portas feat. Marius Hausmann

    Link to podcast: Everyday Eternal #46: GP Seattle Ante Portas feat. Marius Hausmann

    We're on iTunes now!

    What is Everyday Eternal?

    For those unfamiliar with Everyday Eternal, it is one of the oldest Magic podcasts focussed on competitive Legacy (and we like to claim: sometimes also Vintage.) Together with our hosts Bob Huang, Matt Pavlic, Julian Knab, and their funky guests, we're bringing you the latest news and technology from the world of Eternal Magic.*God, could our iTunes BE any more generic? Can someone please rewrite this? Bob, Matt, anyone?

    Today's Topics
    On today's episode, Matt and I welcome another guest host to the podcast: German Legacy phenomenon Marius Hausmann. Many of you might already know Marius following his recent success on the MKM Series, but this guy is a true oldschooler of Legacy. When I started playing competitive Legacy in Munich around 2005/06, he was already around as one (if not*the) end boss of our local scene...and soon all of Germany as well. After eventually dropping his beloved Death & Taxes in favor of a deck he swore to never touch, we invited him to today's cast to discuss his thoughts on the state of Legacy right before the upcoming Grand Prix.

    Table of contents:

    • GP Seattle coming up on the weekend
    • Why Marius dropped Death & Taxes
    • Grixis Delver, Marius' unlikely new mistress
    • Czech Pile vs Grixis Delver...3,2,1 FIGHT!
    • The Dark Horse Moon Stompy
    • State of the MKM Series

    We'd love to hear your feedback on today's episode in the comment section or via Twitter. This is only the second episode I have edited myself and I'd be happy to hear any suggestions or advise on how we could improve your enjoyment of Everyday Eternal even further!

    So long,
    The seven cardinal sins of Legacy:
    1. Discuss the unbanning of Land Tax Earthcraft.
    2. Argue that banning Force of Will would make the format healthier.
    3. Play Brainstorm without Fetchlands.
    4. Stifle Standstill.
    5. Think that Gaea's Blessing will make you Solidarity-proof.
    6. Pass priority after playing Infernal Tutor.
    7. Fail to playtest against Nourishing Lich (coZ iT wIlL gEt U!).

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    Re: Everyday Eternal #46: GP Seattle Ante Portas feat. Marius Hausmann

    Awesome episode. Solid listen. Keep the great content coming!

    When even the great DnT masters say "don't play DnT," you know something's up.
    A book about the dark side of Legacy: "Magic: The Addiction" // Conversations with Magic players: "Humans of Magic"

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