Farewell, this bizarro pile of massively fun befuddlement. You created some baffling board states. Yes you did. Yes you did.

4 kotr
1 dryad arbor
1 sylvan safekeeper
1 elvish reclaimer
1 tarmogoyf
1 scavenging ooze
1 gaddock teeg
2 knight of autumn
2 titania of argoth

3 punishing fire
4 once upon a time
4 gsz
3 crop rotation
4 wrenn and six

4 mox diamond
1 dark depths
1 thespian stage
1 bojuka bog
1 sejiri steppe
1 karakas
1 ancient tomb
2 grove otb
2 taiga
2 savannah
1 forest
1 horizon canopy
4 wasteland
4 windswept heath
2 wooded foothills

1 tireless tracker
2 phyrexian revoker
2 tormodís crypt
2 dead / gone
2 cindervines
2 deafening silence
2 pyroblast
2 red elemental blast

I suspect the Wrenn and Six ban is reasonable for the meta overall, but this deck has been the most fun I've had playing Naya since Zoo quit being a deck around 2012 I guess. Pour one out for it and wish me luck brewing a version of it with no W6...

EDIT: almost forgot to mention for posterity on its final run at my local this went 3-1 (2-1-1 but we played after the ID) beating UR Delver, Mentor/Astrolabe/Oko ctrl, and a hilarious Jeskai ascendancy pile aaaanndd losing kinda to itself disguised as U/w Blade with multiple Back to Basics and Palace Jailers. Yep