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Thread: Legacy Basic: A legacy variant format in which all rare nonbasic lands are banned.

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    Re: Legacy Basic: A legacy variant format in which all rare nonbasic lands are banned

    Common nonbasic lands are allowed, such as 4 Cloudpost + 4 Glimmerpost + 4 Candelabra of Tawnos? Also 4 Urza's Tower + 4 [cards]Urza's Mine[/card] +4 Urza's Power Plant? Sounds like those would become real decks, especially with [cards]Wasteland[/card], Rishadan Port, Ghost Quarter, and even Tectonic Edge banned. Cloudpost might need banning, like in Pauper.

    Amulet of Vigor + Summer Bloom might become playable, with Simic Growth Chamber at common and no Wasteland to punish the greed.

    Burn would benefit the most from this tempo-screwed variance-increased metagame. "Hurr durr Lightning Bolt you 7 times". Sounds like a fun format.

    RUG Delver, RUB Delver, BUG Delver, BRUG Delver, and UGH Delver would finally be dead.

    Monocolored Vial aggro (Goblins, Merfolk, Death and Taxes, Soldiers) would be strong forces. Affinity would be playable again.

    Counterbalance/Miracles would be a necessary control deck, but it would be far less consistent. Goblins would steamroll them.

    Monoblack Pox would be good. Sinkhole, Smallpox, Hymn and Big Pox would be the best way to pressure weak manabases and land-based combos. But they'd have to win with Bloodghasts or 8Racks without Mishra's Factory.

    Reanimator could still be 2 colors, but monoblack Reanimator would be on roughly the same power level just because tempo is so important.

    OmniTell would be a bit slower and less consistent but still strong.

    Sneak/Show would take a bigger hit, losing enough tempo that Burn and High Tide will outrace it. Monored Sneak/Through the Breach might replace it to get more explosive mana.

    Elves would still be strong without Gaea's Cradle.

    Some entire archetypes like Lands.dec, Landstill, Turbo Depths, Slow Depths, Junk Depths, Punishing Pox would be dead. Chalice Stompy, Stax, MUD and Imperial Painter would be dead without Sol Lands. LED Dredge would be dead without Rainbow lands.

    Manaless Dredge and Oops All Spells would be exactly the same.

    ANT/TES would panic for a bit, then realize they can run jank like Ancient Spring and Peat Bog with impunity in a meta with 0 Wasteland 0 Port.

    1-land Belcher would be dead. You can't Land Grant for basic Mountain, and basic Forest is unable to cast too many of the spells in the deck. Spanish Inquisition would have the same problem without Bayou. 0-land Recross the Paths Belcher might be a thing, but it's awful with Gitaxian Probe banned.

    Enchantress would be fine throwing those land Auras on basics and losing Serra's Sanctum.

    Wild Nacatl and Steppe Lynx would still be unplayable. Sad days.

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    Re: Legacy Basic: A legacy variant format in which all rare nonbasic lands are banned

    If commons and Uncomons are allowed (non RL lands), more option is open while keeping it kind of cheap. (city of brass, ancient tomb, maze of it...)
    I regulary ask myself how would work a pauper with uncos. Not Peasant style with number limitation. It would certainly be closer from Legacy with a nice power level. So many very solid cards are unco...

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