Played this list two weeks ago in France in a ~60 players tournament and finish 4rd. I named it like the original list from Akimasa Yamamoto back to proTour Kyoto 2009 (created by Brian Kowal I just called it Reboat Brew 'cause it's a "reboot" of the deck ;-), adapted for the Modern format.



4x Mind Stone
2x Ajani Vengeant
x1 Elspeth Knight Errant
1x Gideon of the Trials
3x Lightning Bolt
2x Path to Exil
2x Lingering Souls
1x Wrath of God
1x Day of Judgment
2x Blade Splicer
3x Avalanche Riders
1x Fulminator Mage
2x Reveillark
1x Restauration Angel
3x Mogg fanatic
1x Kitchen Finks
1x Aven Mindcensor
1x Figure of Destiny
1x Butcher of the Horde
1x Pia and Kira Nalaar
2x Wall of Omens
1x Chained to the Rocks

Lands 23

4x Arid Mesa
2x Bloodstained Mire
1x Marsh Flats
3x Sacred Foundry
1x Godless Shrine
1x Blood Crypt
2x Plains
1x Mountain
1x Rugged Prairie
3x Needle Spires
1x Mutavault
2x Ghost Quarter
1x Tectonic Edge


2x Slaughter Games
1x Crumble to dust
1x Duergar Hedge-Mage
3x Stony Silence
1x Remorseful Cleric
1x Yixlid Jailer
1x Jotun Grunt
1x Devout Lightcaster
1x Celestial Purge
1x Burrenton Forge-tender
2x Fiendslayer Paladin

Explanations on the deck :

It's a Midrange good stuff deck that want to be at least at 45-55 against near every deck of the Meta. Core of the deck is the four Mindstones which help reaching 4mana to cast 4mana-spells and take advantage on ressource (avalanche riders) or on board (PW, Pia&Kira).
Mogg fanatic : seems weak but it's an answer to a lot of things : Dark Confident, Phantasmal Image, Vizier of remedies, Noble Hierarch/Birds, Affinity creatures, Champion of parish in early turns, Thalia, infect creatures, young pyromancer... and improve your combat phases, especially if you have a first strike golem 3/3 on board. Also, in combination of Lightning bolt, you can kill a TKS or TiTi.
Avalanche Riders & Fulminator Mage : good against Tron decks, Big Eldrazi, Jund and not bad against control deck if you can put pressure. Also destroy Inkmoth nexus against Hardened Scales or Infect. Evoking Reveillark can bring back two of them from your gyard. Seems to be anti-synergic with PTE but you need to play at least 2 PTE, at least until now (to answer Wurmcoil, dredge creatures and now Phoenixes).
Blade Splicer : the beater of the deck. Just a strong force. Good with Reveillark. Mutavault gains first strike (which is always a surprise).
Restauration Angel : another beater and good synergy with lot of yours creatures. You can at upkeep, in response to an Avalanche riders echo trigger, cast the Restauration Angel to target the red crea and avoid to pay the echo (this turn) and destroy another land.
Butcher of the Horde : Burn match-ups and a good crea. You can sacrifice instant speed a Reveillark or other creatures for an upcoming Reveillark.
Wall of Omens : for the early turns, give you tempo, not bad with Reveillark, replace itself. Also a good two-mana drop for the curve.
Chained to the Rocks : to avoid playing a third PTE. Against a lot of matchup's, the drawback is not a great problem (these decks don't run ghost quarter or other mana-destruction land like infect or burn).
Figure of destiny : good in early game to put pressure and in late game, a real beater if you reach 6 manas.
Aven Mindcensor : a bullet to fight Scapeshift, Tron (exploration map), Chord and some other stuff.
Ajani Vengant : pw that helped the land destruction plan and a little life gain.
Elspeth Knight Errant : a good token creator and a good finisher in one card. Really good with Needle Spire (10 damage out of nowhere).

Duergar Hedge-Mage : mostly against Hardened Scales because it's a really good card against this deck. Good with Reveillark also.
Jotun Grunt : against dredge and burn mostly.
Devout Lightcaster : against Death's Shadow mostly and dredge. Good with Reveillark.
Fiendslayer Paladin : against dredge and burn mostly, but one can be replace now by a Shield Mare (?).

Quick report :


Game 1 : He didn't find an Aether Vial and I destroy two lands in the early turns helped by Mindstone. He can't cast Mantis Riders and PW + good creatures finish the game fast.

Game 2 : an early Figure of destiny became 4/4 and fought well the Mantis rider in front of him. There's a turn where he want to vial a Phantasmal during combat copying a Restauration Angel but a Mogg fanatic deal with it. Pia & Kira made a real good job at blocking and finishing creatures in combat. A few good combat phases are keys in this match-up. Also running two wrath effects can change the board in your favor.


Game 1 : Destroy 4 lands in the early turns, he never reach 5 manas until I finished the game. Needle Spire are also good clocks when u need one.

Game 2 : Land destruction but this time he cast 3 mindstones. Manage to reach 6 manas to cast a Wurmcoil, but during two turns a mogg fanatic blocks it and avoid him to gain life. Then I found an Ajani to lock the Wurm but he cast a second. Two turns after I found a PTE on top of my deck to deal with it and I finished the game two turns after.


Game 1 : Tense game, I had to Wrath the board at a moment and was far behind unless I draw a land destruction for a lethal Inkmoth next turn. I drew a Fulminator, then a Pia & Kira and manage to reverse the game in my favor.

Game 2 : Controlling the whole game, another Wrath was really the key in this game. But some early poison counters helped by a Throne of Geth to add the last ones manage to win him the game the turn before I was lethal on board.

Game 3 : I had good control of the board, on the third additional turn I deal him 11 points with an Elpseth+Needle Spire and a token soldier. On the fifth turn I cast an Avalanche Rider and target one of his two Inkmoth, but he made a mistake by activating the targeted Inkmoth with the other and want to regenerate it with a Welding Jar, but now the 2 are tapped! +3/+3 with Elspeth on the Rider (5points) + the token soldier + a bolt = 9 points!!

ROUND 4 : BURN 2-1

Game 1 : A kitchen finks + Elspeth made the whole game. My opponent made a mistake by not killing the Finks when I was forced to Wrath the board.

Game 2 : By far too fast from his side (two swiftspears and a lot of cheap burn spells).

Game 3 : A Jotun Grunt who stays on board 3 attack turns and two Fiendslayer Paladins are enough (but necessary) to win me this one.

ROUND 5 : BURN 0-2

Game 1 & 2 : by far too fast, really good draws and he got the Skullcrack for my Ajani's Lightning Helixes.


Game 1 : Perfect draws from my opponent, kill turn 3.

Game 2 : Perfect draws from my opponent, but the last card in his hand wasn't a Titan or a pact. So next two turns I could put pressure and destroy some lands. Now he can no more cast his Titans and I finish the game fast.

Game 3 : A mindstone help me cast a Crumble to dust on a Gruul turf and he got another one in hand. The sakura-creas are also a good meat for my fanatics. Finish the game fast after destroy another land.

No top8.

Good feelings about the deck, really interesting to play even it's not a tiers one. If he can really be 45/55 against most of the meta, it's ok for me. And there's a lot of other card to test/things to adapt.