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Thread: (Missouri) Legacy 5k (higher payout with more players)

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    (Missouri) Legacy 5k (higher payout with more players)

    Time: 10:00am, Registration opens at 9:00am
    Format: Legacy
    Event Fee: $40
    Moonbase Market: Hosted by Missouri MTG and Tiger Gaming LLC
    1921 S 9th St, St. Louis, MO 63104

    5% of all Entry Fees and Sales at the Missouri Mtg booth will be donated to Duo, a local Support Dog nonprofit.

    Sign up ahead of time and reserve your spot here!

    Guaranteed Prizes: $5000
    1st: $1,200,
    2nd: $600,
    3rd-4th: $400
    5th-8th: $200
    9th-16th: $100,
    17th-32th: $50,

    If the event is 175 Players, payout will be the following: $6000
    1st: $1,200,
    2nd: $600,
    3rd-4th: $500
    5th-8th: $250,
    9th-16th: $125,
    17th-32th: $75,
    Questions Ė
    Phone: (314)757-2713

    Legacy, Oldschool, and Vintage side events will also be offered at this event.

    The two Vendors for all of your buying, selling and trading needs will be Moonbase Market and Missouri MTG.

    Trading is, of course, permitted , but some things arenít permitted on site and may result in ejection from the venue without refund. Examples include:

    Buying, selling, or soliciting to buy or sell cards with anyone except Authorized Vendors.
    Altering cards in exchange for money or any type of compensation.
    Taking up excessive space while trading or transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.
    Advertising without permission from Moonbase Market admin staff.TBA

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    Re: (Missouri) Legacy 5k (higher payout with more players)

    Can't stress enough as a participant in many of Jeremy's tourneys before -- this guy has it down to a science. Always a premier event with great door prizes, a great buylist and good competition. I encourage any legacy aficionado to come participate and enjoy a great day of the best format!
    Once you go Legacy...

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    Re: (Missouri) Legacy 5k (higher payout with more players)

    Happy to announce that we have partnered with Card Titan for this tournament. The winner of this tournament will also now receive a bye for the Legacy event at Eternal Weekend this year.

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    Re: (Missouri) Legacy 5k (higher payout with more players)

    For those who can't click the link at work, the date is March 30th.
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    Look at the bright side, if Legacy becomes like Vintage all of us old dudes can get together, drink whiskey, and smoke cigars while we play the gentleman's format. Like an MtG speak-easy.
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    I kept hearing random people around the room saying "manaless dredge!" like a sort of "hide your wives and your daughters, grab your pitchforks, say your prayers, the Beast is back" reaction.

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