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Thread: Mono black extirpate

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    Mono black extirpate

    So I was trying to come up with a good sideboard for my mono blue combo when I came across a nutty idea.. mono black (possibly splash blue) extirpate/surgical_all_opposing_wincons.deck

    4 surgical extraction
    4 extirpate
    4 Thoughtseize
    4 Inquisition of Kozilek
    4 hymn to tourach
    4 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
    4 cabal coffers
    4 sinkhole
    4 Gurmag angler
    3 helldozer
    8 snow covered swamp
    4 ancient tomb
    2 steel hellkite
    2 heroís downfall
    3 phyrexian arena
    2 isocron scepter

    Something like that? Discard their stuff, extirpate them, more discard, more denial of things, ramp out helldozer, nuke their lands, surgical the lands, imprint extirpate on the scepter, and just keep going till you win/they concede.

    Itís looking pretty bad, but I think thatís a solid start (and pretty freaking scary to stare down, especially if you end up discarding and having a key combo piece exiled).

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Mono black extirpate

    I'd cut sinkhole and helldozer for some of these:

    Crucible of worlds plus wasteland or ghost quarter
    Fatal push
    Dark ritual

    I suggest 4 engineered plague in the board for elves/dnt/goblins which look unwinnable.
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    With the printing of Gigantosaurus, Thrashing Brontodon and Steel Leaf Champion the deck has evolved from good to very competitive. Anyway, give it a few play tests if you are interested and let me know what you think.

    Winter Maze
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    With veteran explorer I know that I 100% will not enjoy a 30 minute grindfest against someone who can barely afford dual lands and believes that their deck can cast a 10 mana 8/8.

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    Re: Mono black extirpate

    kinda had good suggestions. I would suggest:

    Cut Scepter, Helldozer, Arena, and Hero's Downfall for Fatal Push, Edict, Night's Whisper, LotH, and LotV.

    Cut Tomb and Coffers for Wasteland, GQ, Crucible, and maybe fetches to feed Delve.

    Consider shaving a few copies of Angler for Tombstalker. Or consider removing them all-together. You can have a Mishra's Factory / Crucible plan to win.

    Consider shaving a few copies of your one mana discard.

    Lingering Souls could be good with LotV and Smallpox self-discard.

    Sideboard should have Dread of Night.

    Look at the Pox lists and build from there.

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    Re: Mono black extirpate

    This has often been suggested over the years and usually ends up being bad because Extirpate/Surgical are card disadvantage most of the time. You beat unfair decks but fall behind on cards against fair decks. It also suffers from having terrible topdecks. At the very least, you need a way to compensate for card disadvantage.

    If you want to try it, a Pox shell works better than a Trainwreck shell. Coffers/Helldozer is too slow for Legacy now. You could try to regain cards via Phyrexian Arena, green splash for Life from the Loam, or planeswalkers to outgrind fair decks.

    You also probably want Wasteland and mana denial, so you can extract a land and color-screw greedy multicolor decks and land-based combos (Dark Depths, Punishing Fire).

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