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Thread: 4 Card Blind

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    Re: 4 Card Blind

    I have not done any prep yet anyway, so a deadline move is great. I am okay with either ruling, but I think using the Timeshifted cards is better than not.

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    Re: 4 Card Blind

    That's two in favour of keeping Timeshifted. Three if I interpret FTW's posts correctly.
    Four if I count my own opinion, which FTW has pushed to the other side with strong arguments, but honestly I'm fine either way, so I don't really count my own opinon here.

    No votes against yet.

    I'll let this run a few more hours, hoping the North Americans among us find time to respond, but so far it looks like I'll add Timeshifted (and the other "shifted" cards) to the list of legal cards.
    Plus moving the deadline a day, to give you guys time to look at the new meta.
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