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Thread: Modern Horizons Spoilers

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    yeah but Doomwake Giant does it better

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    You can grab the engineer with Living Wish...
    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon X View Post
    The only glass cannon here is the pilot.
    I play decks with a lot of white enchantments, and white isn't even my favorite color.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by aedemiel View Post
    You can grab the engineer with Living Wish...
    Yeah, this. It's better to have 4 maindeck possibilities to grab EPlague instead of having only 1 and only after sideboard

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    That makes sense. I didn't see the list so didn't realize it was on wish
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    I've been taking shitty brews and tier 2 decks to tournaments and losing with them for years now. Welcome to the club. We meet for cocktails after round 6.
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    Top quality german restraint there.

    If I'm at the point where I'm rage quitting, you can bet your kransky that I'm calling everyone involved a cunt.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Why can't you wish for giant?

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by FourDogsinaHorseSuit View Post
    Why can't you wish for giant?
    You can, but PE is cheaper, which might be relevant.
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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    FYI, the core set 2020 spoilers started today - started a new thread

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Prices now, two weeks later; interesting to see the changes. Using roughly the same number of cards for each rarity as two weeks ago.

    Most expensive mythics:

    Urza, Lord High Artificer- $45
    Wrenn and Six- $28
    The First Sliver- $28
    Yawgmoth, Thran Physician- $20
    Echo of Eons- $20
    Sword of Truth and Justice- $18
    Sword of Sinew and Steel- $18
    Serra the Benevolent and Morophon, the Boundless- $15

    Most expensive rares:

    Force of Negation- $35
    Fiery Islet- $25
    Prismatic Vista- $25
    Nurturing Peatland- $20
    Flusterstorm- $20
    Sunbaked Canyon- $18
    Waterlogged Grave- $18
    Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis- $18
    Silent Clearing- $15
    Giver of Runes, Archmage's Charm, and Hall of Heliod's Generosity- $7

    The one uncommon above $1:

    Scale Up- $1.50

    The only common to reach $1:

    Spore Frog- $1

    Quote Originally Posted by LOLWut View Post
    For people picking cards up, these are SCG prices

    Most expensive mythics, anything above $28:

    Urza, Lord High Artificer- $55
    The First Sliver- $45
    Wrenn and Six- $40
    Echo of Eons- $40
    Unbound Flourishing- $35
    Sword of Truth and Justice- $35
    Sword of Sinew and Steel- $35
    Yawgmoth, Thran Physician- $35

    Most expensive rares, anything above $8:

    Force of Negation- $35
    Nurturing Peatland- $35
    Fiery Islet- $35
    Sunbaked Canyon- $30
    Silent Clearing- $30
    Waterlogged Grove- $30
    Prismatic Vista- $30
    Flusterstorm- $20
    Hall of Heliod's Generosity- $15
    Archmage's Charm- $13
    Tectonic Reformation- $12

    The two uncommons above $1:

    Battle Screech- $2
    Goblin Matron- $1.50

    The only common to reach $1:

    Spore Frog- $1

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