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Thread: Anyone know of a deck vs deck simulator?

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    Anyone know of a deck vs deck simulator?

    Anyone know if there i a website, software, or program that lets you simulate decks vs other decks? For example, if I wanted to test the matchup of miracles vs D&T 1,000 times I could run the program and it would give me results?

    I feel like somewhere something like this exists but I don't know of it. Maybe it doesnt exists yet but is in development?
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    Re: Anyone know of a deck vs deck simulator?

    I think it would be incredibly hard to build such a program. The possibility space becomes so large quickly. Resolving a brainstorm from a 7 card hand can result in 36 different game states. And that is just one card. The act of sideboarding alone has like infinite permutations.
    Not only that, the program would have to know how all the cards work, a feat that even mtgo struggles with.
    I have dabbled a bit with a goldfishing bot with a naive approach and while it works somewhat it's still kind of useless and primitive.

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