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Thread: Magic Commander Counter (iOS and Android)

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    Magic Commander Counter (iOS and Android)

    Hi guys,

    I made a counter app for my buddy, and he suggested I share it with the community! Itís free and has some unique features that we haven't seen in the app stores yet. The most unique feature is that its session based: users host/join sessions to keep track of vitals across multiple devices. It allows unlimited devices to be connected and is cross-platform supported!

    App Store listing:

    Google Play Store listing:

    Or search the stores yourself for "Magic Commander Counter," and look for the green icon.

    Why online? My buddy requested this feature to be more strategic when he's checking vitals. When checking vitals on pen/paper, or traditional counter apps, his opponents could see who he was checking. Also, traditional counter apps starve for screen space because they want the device to be shared for the entire group. The session format allows individual users to decide what to display, and it allows the device to take advantage of more screen space!

    The app has several features that you guys should check out! I believe it's the most flexible and non-prescriptive counter app out there. It has tablet support, and all mobile devices have landscape and portrait modes. I hope to make it even better after I gain some insight into how people use it. So please, if you try it out, post some feedback/suggestions. I'm accepting feature requests, and your ideas are extremely valuable.

    My buddy requested Commander damage counters, but that can be toggled off
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