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Thread: BR Memes (dreadhorde arcanist plus 0cc suspend cards)

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    BR Memes (dreadhorde arcanist plus 0cc suspend cards)

    The new card dreadhorde arcanist can cast 0 cc spells like hypergenesis or restore balance for free. Hypergenesis seems like the obvious choice, but I think makes for the less interesting deck. Zombie tribal seems like a decent starting point, I like these two:

    Cryptbreaker - pitches suspend cards for value
    death baron - increases dreadhorde's power to cast higher cc things


    4 dreadhorde arcanist
    3 cryptbreaker
    2 gravecrawler
    4 death baron
    1 midnight reaper
    1 diregraf colossus

    4 entomb
    1 ancestral vision
    1 restore balance
    1 living end
    1 wheel of fate

    4 faithless looting
    4 lightning bolt
    1 fatal push
    1 diabolic edict
    1 thoughtseize
    1 collective brutality
    3 cabal therapy
    2 goblin bombardment
    1 electrodominance
    1 abrade

    4 bloodstained mire
    1 mountain
    3 swamp
    4 badlands
    4 marsh flats
    4 cavern of souls

    15 ?
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    With the printing of Gigantosaurus, Thrashing Brontodon and Steel Leaf Champion the deck has evolved from good to very competitive. Anyway, give it a few play tests if you are interested and let me know what you think.

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    With veteran explorer I know that I 100% will not enjoy a 30 minute grindfest against someone who can barely afford dual lands and believes that their deck can cast a 10 mana 8/8.

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    Re: BR Memes (dreadhorde arcanist plus 0cc suspend cards)

    I had some ideas along a similar line, I think some flaws with your list are:
    - The argument for Death Baron buffing the 1/3 isn't that relevant when the only spell you have that costs 2 or more are 1 Electrodominance 1 Abrade and 1 Brutality
    - I would try to choose 1 aspect of the deck to lean into rather than play all of Ancestral Vision, Wheel, Living End, and Balance
    - If you're going to go with Entomb + Living End as a thing then I would try to lean into this harder (bigger/more fatties, possibly cycling creatures, reanimate)

    But I didn't really think about it in a Zombardment shell (only in Mardu/Grixis midrange / control decks)
    The synergy of Entomb/Gravecrawler with the 1/3 and e.g. Therapy is interesting but I think you're playing too many bad zombie cards

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    Re: BR Memes (dreadhorde arcanist plus 0cc suspend cards)

    No point in doing it just for memes if the deck doesn't actually serve a purpose.

    So you can cast a 0cc card.. but what card do you want to cast and why? Any and all of them FTmemes kekek? But they're not even all good in your decklist.

    Ancestral Vision - good for almost any plan, easy include

    Wheel of Fate - can you profit from wheel effects more than the opponent? You're not Storm. You're not a wheel combo deck. Giving them a full grip of 7 could lose you the game, especially if they have explosive cards (e.g. combo) or their cards are higher average power level than yours.

    Slaughter Pact - Ok sure you can kill a creature for free (and then pay 2B next upkeep or lose the game), but with all the hoops you have to jump through to enable the GY cast, why not just play Fatal Push or Snuff Out? Arcanist can cast Fatal Push from the graveyard too...

    Restore Balance - Balance is certainly broken, but it's much more broken in decks built to abuse it. This deck isn't built to abuse Balance. You might have more creatures and lands than the opponent. You could build around Balance, but that would be a very different controlling deck.

    Living End - Again, this is a card you build around. It's not that great in random tribal creature decks. It's strong when you consistently have strong creatures in the graveyard.

    I would think about which 0cc cards you want to cheat out and why, then try to build the deck to abuse those cards. Balance, Hypergenesis, Living End and even Wheel of Fate aren't that good in random decks but are much better in decks desigend to abuse the effect.

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    BR Memes (dreadhorde arcanist plus 0cc suspend cards)

    On the contrary I like the Zombardment shell and i think you should lean more into it and run whole playset of wheel of fortunes. If you can benefit more from the ’discard the hand aspect’ then you’ve broken the symetri. You could also run unmask to take their best card and... this might be the right place for underworld dreams!

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