I am working closely with a local game store here in Spring Hill, FL to start doing Thursday night Legacy tournaments starting Thursday April, 18th.

The goal is to cultivate a healthy and active Legacy community in a place where there are a handful of players and not a lot of events. I know Legacy players can be pretty divided on whether or not to allow some number of "playtest" cards, but I am of the mindset that this is a very fun, very addictive format that if you allow players an opportunity to experience it at a couple times, you're likely to get more players to commit to building decks and becoming big fans of the format and it grows the community for everyone. I have seen shops that will have a $5 entry fee and allow up to 15 proxies but if you choose to play with proxies, you pay an additional few bucks to go into the prize pool to add value for those of us who have spent the money to finish our decks. At the moment I am considering pushing for that model to start with at least. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions or suggestions on this issue for sure.

As of right now, interest from the community at large is pretty high and I am hoping it really takes off to drive interest in the format so we can have regular events. Otherwise, the only real opportunities for me to play Legacy are a few times a year at local Team events ran by Cool Stuff Inc, or side events at GPs maybe once a year (not counting GP Atl later this year).

If anyone is interested and in the area, for the first week, I'll be buying Pizza for everyone that shows up! It'll be happening at Game Traders in Spring Hill, FL at 7PM Thursday the 18th. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas to expand and grow this thing please leave them here!