What: Competitive REL Legacy Tournament for 150+ players
Where: Ravintola Hertsi, Korkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere, FINLAND
When: Saturday 5th of October
How much: TBA - between 30 to 35 EUROS
Prizes: Cash Prizes
PWP-multiplier: 1x (can't have a Legacy premium event)
How to enrol: Preregistration opens during May (on the Finnish forum mtgsuomi.fi or by pm'ing me with your first+last name and your DCI number once the prereg is up)
Good to know: on Sunday the 6th of October there will be also a magic tournament, most likely Modern

Team Kultainen Apina along with Sensei's Divining Shop presents:

The Mecca of Legacy in Finland, Tampere, calls upon thee to visit Tmapere on October! All additional information on the timetables, enrolments and Sunday's tourney will be shared with the world on May, so keep checking this thread! So: 5th of October!

- Kake, Kylis & Kurikka