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Thread: PW 'stompy'

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    PW 'stompy'

    So this isn't really a 'stompy' deck per se, but the idea is to be an aggro-prison deck, using the new PWs as a way to lock the opponent out of everything.

    PWs 26
    4 karn, the great creator
    4 narset, parter of veils
    4 ashiok, dream render
    3 tezzeret, artifice master
    2 tezzeret, master of the bridge
    2 dovin, hand of control
    2 kasmina, enigmatic mentor
    4 saheeli, sublime artificer
    1 teferi, time raveler

    other spells 13
    1 liquimetal coating
    1 LED
    3 goblin welder
    4 baleful strix
    4 brainstorm
    3 force of will

    lands 18
    4 ancient tomb
    3 underground sea
    3 volcanic island
    1 island
    1 swamp
    3 scalding tarn
    3 polluted delta

    1 anvil of bogardan
    1 teferi's puzzle box
    1 smokestack
    1 mycosynth lattice
    1 wurmcoil engine
    1 sundering titan
    1 ensnaring bridge
    1 combustible gearhulk
    1 liquimetal coating

    Yea, so this is probably going to be really bad. But i like the idea of using karn as a wish engine, and all of the other PWs that have a hosing effect, coupled to something karn can wish for. So if you land narset safely, find the puzzle box. If you land a tezzeret, you can land the smokestack and stax the table. if you happen to have a bunch of mana, lattice. If your against a fast clock, wurmcoil.

    I'm not sure how to couple ashiok with maralen, of the mornsong, since karn can't wish for maralen.

    Yes, i know this is bad, but i can imagine that it can sort of almost work. It's probably going to hose some slower, durdlier decks, but i can imagine that with some trimming, the deck can really start dishing some pain!
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    Re: PW 'stompy'

    Interplanar beacon...
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    With the printing of Gigantosaurus, Thrashing Brontodon and Steel Leaf Champion the deck has evolved from good to very competitive. Anyway, give it a few play tests if you are interested and let me know what you think.

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    Re: PW 'stompy'

    Check out the other thread called "Superfriends Stompy" on the first page.

    If you think that's too different (Chalice prison vs Brainstorm and Welder), check out the other thread with the Karn-Welder-Liquimetal Coating list ("Karn's Garage"). I think Baleful Strix + Force of Will fit into a Grixis version of that pretty well.

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