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Thread: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    i think this version is rather strong:

    // 60 Maindeck
    // 9 Artifact
    4 Lion's Eye Diamond
    4 Lotus Petal
    1 Chrome Mox

    // 4 Creature
    4 Griselbrand

    // 4 Enchantment
    4 Omniscience

    // 12 Instant
    4 Force of Will
    4 Brainstorm
    2 Flusterstorm
    2 Intuition

    // 16 Land
    3 City of Traitors
    13 Island

    // 3 Planeswalker
    3 Narset, Parter of Veils

    // 12 Sorcery
    4 Show and Tell
    4 Timetwister
    4 Ponder

    could use some tweaking, but i really like this kind of approach. it's very streamlined.

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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    I think you want to go landless here and max out on tutors - Entomb AND Quiet Spec, then just run all the artifact mana and rituals - LED, Petal, Chrome Mox, Mox Opal, Dark, Rite, Cabal, Manamorphose, and just keep recycling everything until you have enough mana for a lethal Tendrils or Warrens or Charbelcher.

    But I'm not a storm player, so I could be wrong here.

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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    4 Lotus Petal
    4 Chrome Mox
    4 Lion's Eye Diamond
    4 Elvish Spirit Guide
    4 Simian Spirit Guide
    4 Tinder Wall
    4 Rite of Flame
    4 Desesperate Ritual
    4 Seeting Song
    4 Manamorphose
    4 Gamble
    4 Burning Wish
    3 Empty the Warrens
    3 New Timetwister
    2 Taiga
    4 Land Grand


    1 Tendrils of Agony
    1 Empty the Warrens
    1 Infernal Tutor
    1 Telemin Performance
    1 New Timetwister
    10 Cards

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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    This may be something worthwhile to read on the power of Echo of Eons as it compares to power with LED and cards like Windfall of old. I actually used to run this deck back in 2002 and, honestly, it was gross.

    Granted, LED with Echo is just a Timetwister, but there's something to be explored here. No, Tolarian Academy isn't legal, but LED is.
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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Top 8'ed the recent 85-player MTGO Challenge.
    Bahra played it on his stream yesterday too. Deck seemed pretty wild when it worked, he went 4-1. I went and bought 4 copies of Echo, haha.
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    Re: Winter is Coming - Echo combo

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Top 8'ed the recent 85-player MTGO Challenge.
    I tried the build at the Legacy FNM in our LGS last weekend (without knowing about this thread on source). Fun to play, but the combo needs some time so finally kill and has a pretty high fizzle rate if you go all-in with lack of spare mana floating. But a quick Narset, Parter of Veils into echo of eons turn is more or less a win, even without killing the same turn.

    I was lacking 2 SB-cards (e.g. 1 defense gird) from the list, so I was adding 2 teferi, time traveler. The cards was really amazing (considering the small sample size I played). It's defense gird plus bounce for critical permanents (e.g. leylines) and many more in one single card. More vulnerable to attacking creatures though.

    I also want to change the mana base (only the lands) a little bit. I found myself wanting more than 5 mana-producing lands in some situations. Also re-drawing multiple fetchlands after going off (and re-shuffling them back in our library) is a pain.

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