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Thread: Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 (5th of October) *PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN*

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    Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 (5th of October) *PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN*

    What: Competitive REL Legacy event for up to 150 players
    Where: Ravintola Hertsi, Korkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere, FINLAND
    When: Saturday 5th of October at 10.00 AM - the venue will open at 09.00 AM
    What does it cost: 30 - either by IBAN bank tranfer of by MobilePay (instructions below) - for foreigners cash payment on-site is fine
    Prizes: Money prizes = entry fees minus the expenses (~850)
    What else: Lunch available on-site and a modern event for 150 players on Sunday 6th of October (Organized by Sensei's Divining Shop)


    After the great success of Finnish Legacy Nationals 2018 me and Kake decided to organize the event a second time - although this time with a little bit bigger (at least venue-wise). Like last year we will award the Champion with the Finnish Legacy Nationals challenge cup and the top16 with cash prizes! So please register for the biggest Legacy event of the year (in Finland) and please join us in the Mecca of Legacy in Filand and compete for the cash prizes and the title of the Finnish Legacy National Champion 2019!

    The tournaments

    Saturday 5th of October - Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019
    Format: Legacy
    REL: Competitive
    Number of Rounds: Swiss round equivalent to the number of players + top8

    Sunday 6th of October - Sensei's Divining Shop Series #4: Modern
    Format: Modern
    REL: Competitive
    Number of Rounds: Swiss round equivalent to the number of players + top8

    Registration and payment

    One of our goals for the tournament is a) everyone willing to participate would get a chance to play in this tournament, b) the tournament would as big as possible (read full 150 players) and c) the tournament would start on time. To reach this goal we have the following instructions for you to follow and they are being updated the closer we get to the Legacy Nationals:

    1) Enroll for the Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 on Enroll in the following format: First Name, Last Name (DCI Number)

    Enroll here for the modern event!

    Enrolment in not binding until 30th of August. After that date players are required to pay their tournament fees by 15th of September or remove their enrolment. If you are enrolled but not paid your tournament fee by 15th of September your enrolment will be cancelled from the enrolment list, but you may enroll again after that. Players enrolled for the tournament after 15th of September are required to pay their tournament fees by 22nd of September.
    For players who do not have an IBAN bank account (for example Russians) you may pay your enrolment on the tournament site on before the first round starts!

    2) Pay your tournament fees either by (IBAN) bank transfer to FI15 8000 2512 7843 30 (Ville Kaukoranta) or by MobilePay (zero-four-six eight-one-zero eight-three-nine-one)

    As transfer reason please write:
    Finnish Legacy Nationals (and the names of the people you pay for if you pay multiple tournament fees).

    Please enroll to the tournament on MtgSuomi calendar.
    If you are unable to do this please private message me with your first name, last name and DCI number!

    3) We have a separate Google Sheets document for enrolments and payments which we will keep updated. With this we'll message you during September if you are enrolled but still haven't paid the tournament.

    4) Remember to cancel your enrollment for the tournament if you can't make it there.

    Timetable 5th of October

    0900 Doors
    -registration opens, when/if you have paid in advance please make sure to the TO that you are present

    0945 Be at the registration desk if you haven't already done it
    -this is to make sure the tournament will start in time

    1000 The tournament will start

    ~1200-1230 Short lunch break after second round

    ~14.30 Sensei's Divining Shop Modern Trial (winner will get a BYE for Sunday's modern event)

    ~19.00 Top8 starts

    ~22.00 We have a winner!

    The rounds will be 50 minutes long each, quarterfinals and semifinals will be 75minutes each and the final will be played with no timer.

    The lucnh break strats right after you finish your second round of the tournament. Players need to be back at the site 30 minutes after the second round match clock ends. We are able to have a lunch at the site. To make this happen please answer the following query. If at least 75 participants would like to have lunch at the site we'll arrange it for the players. Binding lunch enrollment will be opened at a late time.

    At the site you can purchase sandwiches, coffee and sodas.


    Sensei's Divining Shop will pay out the prizes to the accounts of the winners and will report the winnings to the Finnish national income registry. For receiving the monetary prizes you are required to inform your social security number and information listed in the income registry law 8 to Sensei's Divining Shop. Not a single euro from the prizes withheld so you are required to apply for the withholding taxes. Prizes will be paid to top 12 players if the tournament has less 100 players and top16 will receive prizes if we have over 100 players.

    Example prize distribution for:
    120 players (3600 euros minus expenses)
    1. 750 euros
    2. 450 euros
    3.-4. 220 euros
    5.-8. 150 euros
    9.-12. 80 euros
    13.-16. 40 euros

    150 players (4500 euros minus expenses)
    1. 1.000 euros
    2. 600 euros
    3.-4. 300 euros
    5.-8. 200 euros
    9.-12. 100 euros
    13.-16. 50 euros

    Also the winner receives the Finnish Legacy Nationals challenge cup and winner's name will be carved on the base of the cup!

    Getting there and accommodations

    The location is Ravintola Hertsi (Korkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere)

    There are lots parking spaces in the Hervanta area and there are couple of free parking spaces near the tournament site. Using the public transport (buses) you can get from Tampere city center to the tournament site easily. The bus lines which take you to the site are lines 3, 6 and 20.

    At the time of writing this topic you can get a room for a night for 2 or 4 people for 80 or 100. If you are participating on both tournaments (on Saturday and on Sunday) this is a great option to consider.

    Deck Rental, Singles & Supplies

    You may rent a Legacy deck for the event for the price of 30 euros. The price includes the sleeves of the color of your choice of either Dragon Shield, KMC, Ultimate Guard or Ultra Pro which are yours after the tournament. If you are in a need of a deck please contact

    By renting a deck you sign a waiver which states you are responsible for the cards as long as you are renting out the deck. So please keep in mind that the cards are not yours!

    In addition to deck rental service Sensei's Divining Shop sells single cards and card supplies at the site. If you need some singles or sleeves for the tournament please make an order at and place an order.

    Please bring with you the following

    1. a Legacy Legal deck (and decklist identical to the deck you are bringing to the tournament)
    2. Decklist in A4 size. We might have electronic decklist service in use, we'll keep you posted.
    3. Tokens (if needed) and dice
    4. Paper and pen (or electronic life pad, please check with judge if your electronic appliance is fine for COMP REL events)
    5. Social security number and/or and tax ID number
    6. Your bank account number

    Other info about Legacy Nationals

    Live stream from the tournament (in English!)
    If you have any questions, please private message me!

    See you in October!

    -Kylis, Kake, kurikka (also Anttu and Sensei's Divining Shop!)
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    Re: Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 (5th of October) *PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN*

    Fixed link to the calendar
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    Re: Finnish Legacy Nationals 2019 (5th of October) *PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN*

    Quote Originally Posted by l33twash0r View Post
    Fixed link to the calendar

    Thanks for pointing that out! Now it should work in the post as well.

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