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Thread: Core Set 2020 Spoilers

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    Re: Core Set 2020 Spoilers

    I'm also liking Knight of the Ebon Legion. It's such a nice card design.

    He starts off as a 1 drop, but you can pump him to 4 power to make him trigger himself, but he also triggers on self inflicted damage because it says "a player", not "an opponent". This means you could play a fetchland and grab an untapped shockland to do 3 damage to yourself and maybe tap a Horizon land, or you can tap a Horizon land on a turn where your opponent throws a bolt at your face. Unfortunately the ability only works on your turn, not on your opponent's turn. This card also plays well with Adanto Vanguard.

    This one is not legacy competitive, but it might have been if it triggered on "total life lost this turn", triggered on every end step, and if its pump gave it +3/+3 and Lifelink instead of +3/+3 Deathtouch. Still a cool card.

    Dread Presence is also kind of interesting for black stax builds or even as a anti-burn sideboard card for Eldrazi lists with Urborgs. It offsets the pain of Ancient Tomb while pressuring life totals, or digs you into gas.

    Finally, I wonder if Golos, Tireless Pilgrim will find a place in Cloudpost decks. It is probably slow, but I like the idea of grabbing a Karakas and bouncing / replaying it while ramping your Locus lands and life up to the point that you cannot be raced anymore. It gives the deck inevitability from a different angle, although that might not be necessary. The obvious combo is dark depths / thespian stage, but I think other decks do this better.

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    Re: Core Set 2020 Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    It's 6:30 AM and I'm sleepy and hungry, and I don't play Elves, but even though the land ETB tapped, I feel like Elves would like a 1-drop Elf that tutors for Cradle (or Pendelhaven), right? Also, nice stats on the creature itself.
    Cool to see it pan out, Elvish Reclaimer making its way into a successful Elves list.

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    Re: Core Set 2020 Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Pittplayer View Post
    Honestly, Field of the Dead isnt even playable in standard or modern.
    Worst card evaluation I've ever read.

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