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I've had similar luck with Esper but maybe SFM is a big enough push to make it decent? Fallen Shinobi is such a threat that I definitely want the black.
I think if the colors/cards of esper weren't strong enough before Stoneforge they won't be after. The only card that gets slightly better in this new metagame for esper is Lingering Souls. Jund is getting popular again and Souls is naturally good with SFM. However, we have to recognize that white is the weakest color in modern (other than sideboard options.) Stoneforge changes that slightly, but it's a card that can be splashed with minimal effort (which I think you can still accomplish, honestly.) I really think BUG with a small splash for SFM should be totally doable. With Astrolabe, a few fetchable duals, and some number of Noble Hierarch you should be all set. I like that Noble gives 2 of your primary colors (blue and green) while also providing white for a t2 SFM.

If you took out green you lose Coatl, Oracle, Trophy, Decay. White gives you SFM, Path, Lingering Souls, ??? You get to keep your ninjas and faerie seers, what etb-value creatures would you put into the deck to enable ninjitsu? In esper colors I can't really think of anything other than maybe Snapcaster Mage. You have 8 slots to figure out with Coatl/Oracle.

EDIT: Cabal Therapist has pseudo-evasion with menace and rewards you for playing Lingering Souls, but doesn't have immediate value. Vesperlark?