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Thread: G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter

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    G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter

    Kickstarter for G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter (ending 7/11/2019)

    What do you think of this?
    Might be good for additional things too like poison, commander, energy?

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    Re: G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter

    While ads are typically prohibited on this site, I'm going to allow it this time. It's an individual, not a business, and he's created a fairly inventive product that's relevant to the game. I feel like that sort of thing should be encouraged.

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    Re: G10: 0-999 Spin-Down Life Counter

    Thanks for your support,
    Ya'. Social media marketing is the worst... reminds me of when I sold knives. It's a real ethical dilemma.
    What's been good since my other Kickstarter a couple years ago is that gamers interact with one another, and get to share knowledge, and then I don't have to solicit like this ever again.

    ...Although, I suppose marketing is not all bad all the time... like, how did I not find out about PSVR 'Beat Saber' sooner? It's the best.

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