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Thread: Balanced deck rooster

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    Balanced deck rooster

    Hey guys!

    I tried to post this on Reddit as my first post, to see if such discussion could take place over there. Well, after 24h, still no responses, and my post is slowly going down to Oblivion. So, let's post it again on our favourite forum and have more luck! =P

    So, here's my question:

    Which archetypes would you choose if you were to pick 3 or 4 unique legacy decks? The goal is to have the most interesting and balanced matchups possible between all of those decks. And if possible, decks with different mechanisms and dynamics.
    Remember, we do not necessarily want the best legacy decks, but rather a combination of decks that brings the most balances and interesting games possible!
    So, which decks would you guys choose?

    Persošnnaly, I think I'd probably want D&T in such a rooster, for it is a very technical deck with a lot of interesting matchups.
    A blue control deck seems to be mandatory, something like Miracle, Grixis Control or Blade control.
    For the rest, I am unsure.
    I could also see Land for it's very unique playstyle and the possibility to play the role of both a combo or a control/prison deck, but then, it would have a maybe too favourable MU against Delver decks...
    Because indeed, we probably want a tempo deck: it seems to be interesting, so one of the Delver deck could be appropriate. But then, I don't know which one to choose exactly. Maybe choosing two of them (RUG Delver & Grixis Delver?) could be a good idea, I honestly don't know.
    The only thing I am sure about is the necessity to have a Blue XY control deck. For the Rest, we have also good candidate with Aggro Loam. Do we also need a good Combo deck? And then, which one to choose? The combo decks in Legacy are very different, so we should be able to squeeze one that fits well in our search for matchups as balanced as possible.

    Thanks a lot for your help, because this is not just theoretical: I am really trying to create such a list of decks to play with it while on a long trip
    (I would probably print proxies deck though, because I don't want to let thousands of dollars unwatched in numerous hotel rooms / camping or so^^).
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    Re: Balanced deck rooster

    if you're playing for just fun, then it makes sense to have interactive decks. the only reason not to is if a person really really craves playing combo.

    i'd avoid decks like

    BR reanimator, show and tell, dredge, red prison etc.

    even decks like elves and miracles can be questionable as they spend a lot of time making one sided game play. (huge amounts of time casting cantrips)

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    Re: Balanced deck rooster

    My personal 4 would be Storm, Miracles, Delver flavor (RUG seems to always stand the test of time), and Maverick/DNT.
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    Re: Balanced deck rooster

    I would pick one of each strategy: one control, one aggro, one combo and one prison. So, my take would be: Grixis Control, Canadian Threshold, ANT and Dragon Stompy.

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    Re: Balanced deck rooster

    ANT, Miracles, Thresh, S+T/UW mid /UBG mid
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