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Thread: Monthly Legacy FNM Cardiff

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    Monthly Legacy FNM Cardiff

    I have also posted this at Mtgnexus, the new site set up by MTGS staff, apologies if you are on both sites.

    I am going to put a record of our store Legacy FNM events monthly here (and any comp REL we have) for anyone interested.
    I will hopefully be able to get decklists for the comp REL events we hold a couple of times a year.
    There might be the odd gap on the archetypes. Our events are typically 20-25 players, but because people travel from a fair distance we have a lot of different players who don't make every one, plus people own multiple decks as the community is well established now, leading to some interesting metas.

    Event is at Firestorm Games, Cardiff, UK

    Archetypes for this event as follows- if it appears twice it is because there were two players on it etc.
    Mono-Red Sneak/TTB combo (splash white)
    Grixis control
    Traditional pox
    12 Post (big colorless Eldrazi, not Green Candelabra)
    Stax (colorless/ Mono Brown)
    UB Death's Shadow
    Nic Fit (Abz)
    Mono-B "the gate" with red splash
    Unknown blue-X deck
    Rug delver
    Mana'd Dredge
    Maverick GW (with thespian combo)
    Mono-R Goblins
    RUG Delver

    The 12 points was...
    Mana Dredge
    9 pointers as follows
    Stax (mono Brown)
    Abz Nic Fit
    Grixis Control
    Mono Red Combo
    Mono B "the gate" with R splash

    So not a good month for Brainstorm!

    Cheers, till next month.

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    Re: Monthly Legacy FNM Cardiff

    Here is another FNM, this time with a record turnout- sadly a record low of just 12 down from our regular 20-24. Not sure what happened- perhaps all the Brainstorm players had a convention, because they sure as hell were not about. I managed to lose the sheet of archetypes, but with just 12 players it was not so difficult to remember.
    These archetypes are from the 4 round event
    Depths Elves
    Hogaak Depths
    UW RIP helm (spicy landstill variant)
    Hogaak dredge (manad)
    Nic Fit

    12 Post
    12 Post
    RUG Delver
    There was one more fair deck lurking, it was Maverick I think.

    The results were 4-0 for depths, and 3-1 for Depths elves, by the time fourth is hit we are in 6 point bracket (which was the RIP helm). A good day for 20/20s in the top 3.

    So half as many players, fewer playing Brainstorm than ever. Hopefully not all put off by the online meta. Three months ago there were about 4 Miracles decks alone- perhaps they all are having a tough time online and did not fancy it, perhaps they were just busy or saving themselves for REL comp event later in the month. Maybe the new unbanning/banning in Modern have distracted.

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    Re: Monthly Legacy FNM Cardiff

    Here we go for another FNM.
    Same story as last time really- low attendance- seems to be a storewide phenomenon, Modern before it was low too.
    Just 12 hardy souls.

    Top of the shop with positive records
    20/20 Depths (mox diamonds, bobs, bunch of decays and handkill)
    Elves - with 20/20s
    Dredge (mana'd)
    After that some 6 pointers, in no particular order:
    RBw reanimatior
    Mono B Leyline /helm - Pox without even the err, smallpox.
    Depths (KOTR included, but not Maverick- without the stoneforge/equipments or mana dorks/Thalia)
    Mono Red combo
    Then into, again no order
    12 Post
    Miracles (UWr)
    UB mill brew??!!

    So pretty high on combo, maybe a three fair decks if we stretch a point- just two blue decks and one of them was a UB mill brew rather than anything recognised. The online meta of W6- Temur Delver and 4c good stuff perhaps has encouraged people to go another way, although it must be noted that a few of the decks above are good at ignoring W6 too.
    No idea why this meta has settled like this- card availability is no issue for sure, but it seems that people don't want to play blue- whereas six months ago we had 20+ and half at least were Blue decks-miracles mirrors were everywhere. I feel like putting up a lost sign in the local newsagent- "lost: bunch of blue decks, answers to the name of Show and Tell, Jeskai Mentor, Miracles, or Delver"....

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    Re: Monthly Legacy FNM Cardiff

    Another FNM.
    Once again, 25 players in June has halved to 13.
    Once again nobody wants to play blue. I guess the MTGO players are sick to the back teeth of RUG delver and pile. Certainly isn't that players don' t want them- I have a bunch of blue decks and nobody has asked to borrow one in ages, bar someone wanting RUG delver last month.
    Literally can't give away sneak and show, miracles etc., at least for the evening.

    the archetypes
    2 Moon stompy
    1 steel stompy (BW)
    1 Dredge (mana)
    1 Elves
    1 RBx reanimator (green splash)
    1 Medium depths
    2 D N T (one spicy with sol lands and ballista)
    2 Eldrazi cloudposts
    1 Maverick
    1 Nic Fit

    12 was elves, and the dredge, depths, reanimator made 9.

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