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Thread: UW Sagas

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    Re: UW Sagas

    I think if you are committed to the history& counterbalance plan you need to cut 1 ofs for a splashblack for animatou (- is extraestrids, +is bs) and tymaret's blessing (copies 5-8 of benalia).

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    Re: UW Sagas

    Quote Originally Posted by Reeplcheep View Post
    tymaret's blessing (copies 5-8 of benalia).
    Which card is this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon X View Post
    The only glass cannon here is the pilot.
    I play decks with a lot of white enchantments, and white isn't even my favorite color.

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    Re: UW Sagas

    Quote Originally Posted by aedemiel View Post
    Which card is this?
    I think they mean Tymaeret Calls the Dead

    After playing with the History version quite a bit I'm pretty sure it doesn't need both History + Tymaeret or History + Sharknado

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    Re: UW Sagas

    Now that commander is released you really need to fit nesting grounds in the deck, since its pretty insane with sagas (keep triggering them every turn)

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    Re: UW Sagas

    I didn't want to make a new thread for this even thought it's more like a standstill list than Saga, because it developed from the same shell:

    [20 Lands]
    1 Mystic Sanctuary
    1 Tundra
    2 Plains
    4 Flooded Strand
    5 Polluted Delta / etc
    6 Islands
    1 Volcanic

    4 Brainstorm
    4 Ponder
    4 Force of Will
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Porphyry Nodes

    4 Standstill
    2 Replenish
    1 Ominous Seas
    4 Shark Typhoon

    ~9 free slot

    I think Porphyry Nodes might be a better use of that slot than the Myth Realised which the other builds were using.
    There is some situations where you might replenish back both standstill + sharknado which is a bit of a nonbo but eventually you will draw another sharknado

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    Re: UW Sagas

    4 Porphyry and 4 Sharknado sound like overkill. Porphyry will often 1-for-1 and then die. Against a wider board it's slow to answer the real problems, while Terminus is a faster solution for the same mana. The interaction between Shark Typhoon and Replenish is cool, but it's more of a lategame card. You could free up slots with -2 Porphyry -2 Shark. Maybe -1 Replenish (slow).

    You're probably better off with these in some of those flex slots to have more interaction:
    3 Teferi, Time Raveler
    3 Snapcaster Mage
    2 Counterbalance
    2 Terminus

    Teferi enforces a soft lock with Standstill.

    Snapcaster diversifies your plays: Snap+Plow does what extra Porphyrys would do against creature decks, while you can Snap+Brainstorm or Snap+counter against spell-based decks.

    Counterbalance is the most powerful enchantment you can play in UWx control. Cutting some of the high end helps balance the curve too.

    Terminus answers a wide board faster than Porphyry can, for the same mana.

    For any remaining flex slots you might want 1-ofs like:
    Sevinne's Reclamation
    Dovin's Veto
    Detention Sphere
    Force of Negation
    Spell Pierce

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    Re: UW Sagas

    I tried a similar idea; I would recommend adding cast out as another cyclable enchantment that is not embarassing to hard cast, & a 1 of lay claim for the memes. this assumes you want to lean into replenish more.

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