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Thread: [FORMAT] U50: A fixed low budged competitive format - feedback needed

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    [FORMAT] U50: A fixed low budged competitive format - feedback needed

    Hello! i'm turning back to magic after a long time, i wanted to play an eternal format but without the massive initial investment (for legacy and modern, without mentioning vintage), the old formats while fun and "nostalgia" from my first mtg days aren't going to last (in my opinion) with a fixed card pool, and money-leech formats like standard (and, worse, mtgarena) aren't my thing.

    I looked at pauper and peasant, that seemed perfect at first glance, but then i found them a little too bounded to archetype/staple card conformity (could be wrong, there are so many archetypes) and the rarity restriction prevented me to play some goodies from old times. Budget on the other hand, seems like it's just some kitchen table magic until someone dosen't want to spend 100$ or more on a playset and "break the meta".

    So i wanted to experiment a little, have some deckbuilding challenges and create a format that's: 1. Inexpensive 2. Constructed with a large pool of cards and growing 3. Variable to promote deckbuilding vs. netdecking/tweaking 4. Balanced and regulated by an external impartial entitiy. My experiment was U50, or Under 50.

    U50 is a fixed-budget constructed format based on Legacy cardpool/banlist. The concept behind its conception is (beside a new deckbuilding challenge) using the inherent self regulating nature of card prices as power level balancement from deck to deck and restriction element to overpowered/overused cards. Being able to source from all the mtg sets and growing with future expansion ensures the longevity of this format, while adhering to the Legacy Banlist ensures that the low-cost/high-powered cards stays out of the cardpool without any questioning. In the meanwhile prices ups and downs will slightly hinder in time tier 0 or tier 1 decks while promoting the lower tier's decks and the use of low-budget cards in place of the "staples". This new format will be friendly towards both new or returning players and basically cost-free for old time players and isn't a money-hole like Standard or MTGArena.

    Thus, recap: Legacy Banlist, current MTG rules, maximum 49.99$ budget calculated on MTGGoldfish's deckpricer (until a better solution arises). The decks could have 60+ main cards or 60+ main and a 15 card sideboard (obligatory with "wishes" cards), the 49,99$ Budget includes the sideboard.

    It's still just an idea i'm working on, but i really appreciate your feedbacks and thoughts on it.

    Here some deck i tried to build as a proof of concept.

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    Re: [FORMAT] U50: A fixed low budged competitive format - feedback needed

    i like it but most people don't like to change their pet deck so they'd rather not even play...
    however, i love to build decks so i'm always up for something new to try.

    here's my thread from a few years back about a "points" system; similar to building WH40K armies:

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    Re: [FORMAT] U50: A fixed low budged competitive format - feedback needed

    You might be interested in Penny Dreadful. Iím on my phone, but just google for Penny Dreadful MTG.

    Your format seems great in principle, but thereís a lot of bookkeeping associated with figuring out whether a deck is legal or not. Also, making card swaps is a big headache when every swap frees up or uses up points (dollars/cents toward the $50 limit), thus necessitating other swaps in a chain reaction... in your format itís not enough to know whatís legal, if you want to tinker with your deck you must know prices off the top of your head or be continually looking them up.

    If your friends/LGS are up for it, I propose this format: everyone brings a 60-card deck, and when the tournament is over, everyone shuffles their deck and deals the top 10 cards into a big pile. The big pile is then shuffled and dealt out to all players. If people want to trade afterwards to get their decks back, thatís simple enough for folks who brought cheap cards. If for some reason someone felt like donating rares, whoever ended up with one can keep it.

    Itís not what you had in mind but itís dead simple and it sounds like good times to me.

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