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Thread: This Sunday 2-23-20 - The Legacy Pit is Hosting Dice City Games: Revised Legacy Open

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    This Sunday 2-23-20 - The Legacy Pit is Hosting Dice City Games: Revised Legacy Open

    We will be providing live commentary and video coverage this Sunday starting at 12:30 EST.

    Catch the stream here:

    If you can join us in person, all the better. Check out the details below.


    Join as we launch the Revised Open Series via the largest DC-area Legacy tournament in years, joined by artists Ken Meyer & Bryon Wackwitz!
    About this Event

    FORMAT & TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: This is a Competitive REL Legacy tournament. Swiss rounds will scale with attendance and cut to a Top 8. Tournament Organizers, a head Judge, and other judge staff will be on-site to run a smooth event. However, we expect the Top 8 to run into the night.

    Doors open at Noon. Players' Meeting will start around 12:30 PM. There will be no early entry due to Brewery hours and set-up requirements.

    DECKLISTS: are required and should be filled out in advance, as they will be collected at the Players' Meeting.

    CARDS ALLOWED: This tournament is designed to be sanctioned and decks must consist solely of Wizards of the Coast-printed tournament-legal cards that are sleeve-playable. If you have any questions about specific artistic alters being allowed please email us at least one week in advance and expect to review the card in-person with the head judge at or before the show. No proxies, counterfeits, or "play-test cards" are permitted.

    PRE-REGISTRATION: Registering thru Eventbrite is required for this event. The entry fee of $50 will be used to cover venue reservation costs, artists fees, staff/overhead and unique a $2,000+ pool of prizes and a Revised booster give-away. The entry fee is non-refundable.

    SPECIAL GUESTS: We are pleased to announced that the Winter Revised Open will feature appearances by original Magic artists, Bryon "Mutt" Wackwitz and Ken Meyer, Jr. They will be signing, altering, and vending, alongside our sponsor, Dice City Games, which will have a massive bazaar of Old School singles and accessories available to purchase, including cards to get signed by the special guests.
    PLAYMAT: Ken Meyer Jr. has knocked it out of the park for this limited-run commemorative playmat, which re-imagines classic Arabian Nights creatures Guardian Beast in a snowball fight with Stone-throwing Devils. These playmats will have a sticker price of $35, but are offered here in combination with registration at a discounted rate of $20.

    THE VENUE, FOOD, AND DRINK: The Revised Legacy Open I will be held at Silver Branch Brewery in the heart of Silver Spring, MD -- Washington, D.C.'s favorite neighbor; just two minutes from the district line, and 2-3 blocks from the Sheraton, Double Tree, Hyatt, and Marriott hotels. Silver Branch is immediately adjacent to the Silver Spring Train Station on the DC Metro's Redline, and near multiple public parking garages, including the Cameron Street Garage. Silver Branch has a beautiful space, ample beer, a full bar, an espresso bar, and a good kitchen.

    SOCIAL MEDIA: be sure to tag #DiceCityGamesDC on twitter, facebook, and discord.


    Top 8 (by finish, in Store Credit Prizes):
    $700 to 1st
    $400 to 2nd
    $200 to 3rd
    $200 to 4th
    $125 to 5th
    $125 to 6th
    $125 to 7th
    $125 to 8th
    = $2,000 Total ...PLUS,

    At 75+ players, we will add:

    $50 each to 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th places.

    AND, at any size the Tournament Organizers will also be giving out three non-placement based prizes:
    Furthest Traveled - First, in spirit of the famous core set, Revised -- which gave us the last printing of the ten infamous Dual Lands -- we will be giving out a fresh, unsearched Revised booster pack to the person who can demonstrate they traveled furthest for the event. In the case of a tie we will assign it randomly.

    Then, in the spirit of Dice City Games' desire to foster fun, camaraderie, and creativity, and the fact that the event is held in a Brewery in the Winter...
    Most Creative Brew - Be it a new or rarely seen deck or archetype or a card-selection / deck-design choice that we deem to be worthy of highlighting, the selected home-brewer will receive a commemorative playmat.
    Winter Spice - be it a deck heavily composed of cards like Snow Lands, Winter Orb, Winter Mishra's Factory, snowy alters, or something else we haven't thought of, the wintry-brewer will also receive a commemorative playmat.
    STREAMING & PHOTOGRAPHY: Format aficionados The Legacy Pit will stream the event all day. We will be providing commentary and eventually displaying the videos on Youtube. Dice City Games staff will be photographing the event for posterity and social media. By attending you consent to have your name, likeness, deck list, etc. recorded for this content; however we will not tag photographs of anyone without explicit consent. If you are interested in commentating for this or future events please reach out to

    Old School WINTER BALL: On Saturday 2/22/20 Dice City Games will be hosting a comparably-sized sister event in the same location, featuring reprint-friendly 93/94 Magic (Eternal Central rules). Additionally on Sunday we will host an Ice Age Draft side event. We are famous for our Old School tournaments, so check out the details; tickets are on sale now and we will be happy to help you assemble your first deck for the format!

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    Re: This Sunday 2-23-20 - The Legacy Pit is Hosting Dice City Games: Revised Legacy O

    Check out the Facebook invite here: and mark yourself as going !

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