I think it's a symptom of the metagame. I've been checking mtgtop8 to see what the popular decks are currently making waves. Shadow and Jund are both fairly popular, so having ways of dealing with Death's Shadow and Tarmogoyf are both pretty important. Amulet Titan is also still a deck, with Path being one of the few ways to actually deal with PrimeTime. Path also has some small synergy by targeting your own (blocked?) creatures and pumping Hellhound/Lynx mid-combat. The real problem is that there aren't any good burn spells at 1 mana besides Bolt, so if the main goal is to remove blockers for big swings then Path is obviously superior because it's unconditional. Atarka's Command is the real gravy in this deck, doing way over it's rate in damage when pumping the team and dealing 3 to the face. I'm guessing it's good for 5 damage on average. Not even Boros Charm can compete with that. Unlike Legacy, we can't just jam Chain Lightning. There could be an argument for Lava Dart, but I go back to the initial evaluation of Shadow/Goyf being more common, so it's likely not correct.

Renegade Rallier is definitely cool tech, but at 3 mana is a stretch without acceleration. I'd rather play a lower land count (20) and curve out, relying on redundancy (12 fetches) to make Lynx/Hellhound viable. Once it starts creeping into 3-mana territory as a main strategy I think it's just better to play Jund, which is better suited to generating absurd value.