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Thread: [Deck Development]Yorion + Restoration Angel/Felidar Guardian chaining

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    [Deck Development]Yorion + Restoration Angel/Felidar Guardian chaining

    This deck made me notice the rather hilarious interaction between Yorion and blink/flicker effects. Especially Restoration Angel/Felidar Guardian are great for this as they grant a Yorion rotation every end step (in contrast to Flickerwisp-type effects which can do a full rotation only every second end step).

    A D&T shell probably isn't fast enough to churn out a 4 mana and 5 mana card. A better approach might be a Maverick (or Nic Fit) shell to ramp up mana, which would also provide search (GSZ and Fiend Artisan) and protection (Mom/Giver/Sylvan Safekeeper).

    ETB effects might include:

    Arcum's Astrolabe
    Eternal Witness
    Renegade Rallier
    Knight of Autumn

    and many more. The nice thing about the combo is that it's self-sustaining once it's played, so no further mana costs required.

    Another approach might be a white Stompy shell that runs Eldrazi Displacer in addition for instant Yorion flickers on demand (costs 3 mana, though). Since you're most likely running Chalice in that kind of shell, abusable ETB might be a bit harder to come by, but might be still worth a shot (SFM, Flickerwisp, Palace Jailer, TKS, Prophetic Prism for draw and mana fixing, Charming Prince, etc.). If you want to go balls-to-the-walls in terms of accel, it's worth noting that Yorion can untap your Grim Monoliths you've used to cast it (same goes for Guardian if you absolutely need a decent blocker).

    Running loads of blink effects also helps you to unfuck your permanents after they got Oko'd.

    Since Yorion is also blue, another variant could be an Emry/Urza Stompy deck that splashes white for Karakas, Teferi and the blinkers.

    Either approach might be promising. What do you think?

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    Re: [Deck Development]Yorion + Restoration Angel/Felidar Guardian chaining

    Yorion is a bit like Lurrus in that you donít really need to break it specifically, it slots into good decks as they are pretty much....
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    Re: [Deck Development]Yorion + Restoration Angel/Felidar Guardian chaining

    Yorion has almost the same text as worldgorger dragon. you may want to play with animate dead since you have a bouncable tutor (heliod pilgrim), there is an existing combo, and your whole plan doesn't fall apart when they fow your 5 drop.

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