Years ago on a now defunct website I started up a fairly successful online trading forum. The group ended up with around 200 members and we facilitated thousands of trades across the US and also internationally. Would anyone be interested in starting a mtgthesource trading group? I know there are other options available, like, but I didnít know if anyone here wanted to just keep it to the small community based here on The Source. Without the opportunity to go to the local store for regular events Iím really missing the trading part of this game. It was such a fun way to acquire cards and build decks. What I couldnít trade for I would purchase at the store, but unfortunately my LGS closed early on when Covid19 struck.

Long story short, Iím posting up a poll to see who would be interested in maintaining the archaic paper trade through the mail with the community here at the Source.

EDIT: Sorry for the typo on option 3.