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Thread: [DTB] Death and Taxes

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    Re: [DTB] Death and Taxes

    Quote Originally Posted by Draggo View Post
    What are the thoughts on Smuggler’s Copter? Anyone tried it recently?
    Being able to loot trough your cards seems something D&T could use.
    Copter has great stats and abilities, no doubt, but I think it wouldn't synergize well enough with the rest of the deck: You cannot vial it, and it will cost 3 under Thalia. The only "long-term useless" bodies you can count on are Recruiter of the Guard and Stoneforge Mystic, because you certainly don't want your Mother of Runes to crew the copter under normal circumstances. It does nothing on an otherwise empty board. Equipment is needlessly clunky with it. I think Copter's impact has a rather high ceiling, but it won't save your sorry arse if you're struggling with removal-heavy decks. I'd rather have Serra Avenger instead.

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    Re: [DTB] Death and Taxes

    That makes sense, thanks!

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    Re: [DTB] Death and Taxes

    Tonight I'll be streaming some D&T vs Miracles exhibition matches with Anuraag Das. Matches will start at ~7:15 PM EST. My channel for the D&T side ( and his for the Miracles side (

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