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Thread: [Deck] Dreadstill - Enter the Fist

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    Re: [Deck] Dreadstill - Enter the Fist

    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour_Asses View Post
    Damn that list looks like a blast! How has it been performing?

    EDIT: Oh and it looks like you've only got 59 cards in your main.
    I started a thread to discuss the deck in New & Developmental. If you're interested in digging deeper I would welcome your thoughts! Link below:
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    Re: [Deck] Dreadstill - Enter the Fist

    Made it to four rounds of Legacy yesterday, piloting my unchanged list to a 2-2 finish: Grixis Control (2-0), Eldrazi Blood Sun Stompy (1-2), UB Death's Shadow with r splashed for Grim Lavamancer and The Royal Scions (0-2; both rounds rather unlucky on my part), UWg Oko Snow Control (2-1). "Hardcast" Phyrexian Dreadnought accounted for three wins, Counterbalance (effectively) for one. People still underestimate the power of Scroll of Fate.

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