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Strawberry Dwarf
10-11-2012, 04:15 PM
I am not familar with this format, it is extremely rare in my area, but I have decided to build a Vintage deck from cheaper older cards I own I could play with. I have no ambition to become a dedicated Vintage player, just if I had the time and opportunity. Also I stronly preffer older cards (from Mirage up to Time Spiral). This is my attempt:

Licilisk aka Happy_Tree_Friends

16 Forest

4 Llanowar Elves
4 Boreal Druid
4 Quirion Ranger
4 Heap Doll
4 Aquastrand Spider
4 Thornweald Archer
4 Tempting Licid
4 Thicket Basilisk
4 Deadwood Treefolk

4 Skullclamp
4 Thorn of Amethyst

4 Seal of Primordium
3 Essence Warden
4 Nurturing Licid
2 Viridian Longbow
2 Icy Manipulator

You can see this deck is still sub-optimal: Boreal Druids over Fyndhorns from Ice Age. This was not the purpose: Boreals are a lot easier to purchase. Nevertheless they work good.

Quite unusual: monogreen in Vintage with all cards maindeck 4x.

Strategy: Slow down an opponent with Thorns (disable storm + slow down search, control and burn) and Heap Dolls (anti-grave) and then kill him with creatures. If an opponent casts creatures as threat, destroy them by luring them into blocking. If the game lasted longer, then Skullclamps and Treefolks would make own deck literally explode with overwhelming card advantage.

Card choices:
Heap Doll and Thorn of Amethyst ... no doubts here, they are necessary for Vintage aggro. I chose Heap Dolls over Relics_&_Co, because it is a creature, posing as at least little threat against all decks.
Mana-elves ... as I said, if I had Fyndhorns, I would run them over Boreals. 8 is ideal count IMO.
Quirion Ranger ... inreases speed, hoses Stasis lock, protects own Forests from LD, untaps own blockers and, last but not least, may untap opponent's creature when luring it into combat.
Aquastrand Spider ... a 2/2 bear, can stop Specters, may reinforce and feed Skullclamp later. Without attacking opponent's lifecount, this deck cannot win. :smile:
Thornweald Archer ... 2-power attacker and 5-8 Basilisk as well, stops Specters.
Tempting Licid ... a Lure on 2/2 legs. IMO, Licids are underrated today as they can perform the block_&_jump trick.
Thicket Basilisk ... the heart of this deck. Somewhat bolt-proof attacker + blocker with synergy with Ranger, Spider and Licid. Under errata, its ability ignores Maze.
Deadwood Treefolk ... a bit costy late-game helper to re-use Spiders and Heap Dolls with little sweet synergy with Skullclamp.
Skullclamp ... this is the power here. Unfair vs non-Vintage decks.

Sideboard choices:
Seal of Primordium ... universal answer to artifact- and enchantment-based locks or hosers and the only answer to Oath.
Essence Warden ... lifegain giving additional time vs Burn and drain-Storm.
Nurturing Licid ... another Licid to help combat aggro.
Viridian Longbow ... to deal with tiny creatures which cannot be lured (tap-ability-creatures, shadows etc) or to finish an opponent when creatures cannot attack (Moat).
Icy Manipulator ... vs indestructible fatties and annoying lands (Maze).

Other card ideas:
Reading this forum, I came upon a Dryad Militant to hose Yawgmoth's Will-based decks. Fine idea with little problem, the same as with Fyndhorns: I don't own any. But I will consider, if I have the opportunity.
Also I rejected bad synergies like Null Rod (hoses own Skullclamps) or 'does-nothing-specific-hose-cards' like Tormod's Crypt or Pithing Needle. But Phyrexian Revoker is worthy to consider.

So, the possible changes so far:
-4 Boreal Druid, +4 Fyndhorn Elves ... definitely
-4 Aquastrand Spider, +4 Dryad Militant ... maybe
-2 SB Nurturing Licid, -2 SB Viridian Longbow, +4 SB Phyrexian Revoker ... maybe.

10-12-2012, 11:03 AM
Why optimize a kitchen table deck? For that matter why have a sideboard?

Edit: Or did I just bite on a massive troll here.

10-12-2012, 12:59 PM
Kitchen tables vary in metagame and degree of casualness so much that it's hard to help without more information about what you're likely to play against. If it's mostly casualish decks with no expensive cards, you might already be going overboard with the Skullclamps, etc. If you're likely to face Dredge, you are going to be torn limb from limb by zombies no matter what you do to your deck. If it isn't for playing verses competitive powered decks, we need to know about your meta. Otherwise, I suggest a Sol Ring and replacing the Basilisks with something cheaper with Deathtouch, such as that Flash viper from one of the recent sets.