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03-27-2015, 10:49 AM
Hey guys, I'm new here. I've been an off-again, on-again Magic player since '94 and I'm just getting caught-up on rule changes since the last time I played (what, no more mana burn?) as well as getting caught-up on new cards, so I could use all the help I can get.

I've always loved Black Vise and I actually stopped playing when they restricted it years ago, but now that it's unrestricted, I figure I'll give it a go again. This time I'm using it as the win-condition in a Stasis deck. Here's the cardlist:

Deck: Stasis (http://deckstats.net/decks/28107/215661-stasis/en) http://deckstats.net/mana/m/w.gif http://deckstats.net/mana/m/u.gif http://deckstats.net/mana/m/b.gif

3 Gush (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Gush)
4 Ancestral Vision (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Ancestral+Vision)
2 Standstill (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Standstill)
1 Demonic Tutor (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Demonic+Tutor)
1 Rhystic Tutor (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Rhystic+Tutor)
1 Vampiric Tutor (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Vampiric+Tutor)
2 Ensnare (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Ensnare)
2 Equipoise (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Equipoise)
2 Orb of Dreams (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Orb+of+Dreams)
3 Tel-Jilad Stylus (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Tel-Jilad+Stylus)
4 Stasis (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Stasis)
4 Black Vise (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Black+Vise)
1 Lotus Petal (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Lotus+Petal)
1 Sol Ring (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Sol+Ring)
4 Lotus Bloom (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Lotus+Bloom)
1 Mana Short (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Mana+Short)
2 Reset (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Reset)
2 Chain of Vapor (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Chain+of+Vapor)
4 Forsaken City (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Forsaken+City)
12 Island (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=Island)
4 City of Brass (http://www.mtg-forum.de/db/magiccard.php?lng=en&card=City+of+Brass)

http://i.hbtronix.de/chart_pie.png Display deck statistics (http://deckstats.net/decks/28107/215661-stasis)

This deck had some counters and some targeted card removal for a little bit (Arcane Denial/Rune Snag/Daze and Surgical Extraction), but I found the Surgical Extractions a little cumbersome in practice and the soft-counters didn't end up helping as much as I thought. I'm not likely to free-up enough mana for hard counters, so I figured I'd get rid of counters entirely and try to race to the lock instead.

The plan is to suspend some Ancestral Visions and Lotus Blooms early, drop a Stasis early (ideally with a Vise) and then use the suspended draw and mana to find things like Orb of Dreams, Mana Short or Ensnare to really lock things down, then use Reset or Tel Jilad's Stylus to give me an untap.

One of my main questions is do I splash Green to use Root Maze instead of Orb of Dreams? I like the converted casting cost of Root Maze, but not thrilled about adding another colour. I don't have dual to support a 4-colour manabase.

I haven't play-tested this yet, so I have no idea how it'll go. I'm a casual player who plays with other guys who've been in and out of MTG over the years. We're pretty classic when it comes to deck construction (meta is basically a Mill deck, a Land Destruction, and some Stompy variations).

03-29-2015, 01:04 PM
They did unrestrict Vise a few years ago. Also of note they still haven't banned Brainstorm or Force of Will ... check 'em out!