Ever made a big score at a yard sale or flea mall?

  1. Rob Zilla
    Rob Zilla
    Just curious if anybody's ever hit a jackpot at a used market where the proprietor had no idea what kind of value they had on hand. I don't mean have you gotten a P9, but say for example for $20 i got about 2,000 cards, plenty of special lands, rares, mostly a white based inventory; armageddon, wrath of god, crusade, serra angels, etc... i prolly took home $150 to $200 in cards at the time (roughly when 5th edition launched).

    So does anybody have any good suggestions to seek out such? I once found about 9 sealed packs of The Dark and the guy only wanted $2 each... not that I got my money's worth.

    Just curious where I might could check around for bulk cards, I've already put ads in Craigs, ThriftyNickel, and BulletinBoard.
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