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  1. Parcher
    This thread is dedicated for you to post your most insightful and wise word from our wonderous leader. 4eak has done this extremely well elswhere, but only paraphrasing. So I'll start with a few of my favorites: (Note: You can't use quote tags here for some reason)

    It makes sense that someone else gave you this advice, because the common misconception is that SDT is good. Good consistency is largely in reference to mana, because with mana I actually care about drawing a certain number, which is relatively large, and so you see more 3-4x in mana bases.

    The problem is UW tempo has no bad cards to cut. Also, since our deck makes more efficient use of wasteland than any other deck in the format, we stand to lose the most from gush protecting islands.
  2. Parcher
    You can only make short posts here:

    What? No, who said what I said applies to everybody? Other people can come up with ideas first. You simply can't because you're retarded.

    Haha yes if you knew me in real life you'd know the last thing I'm worried about is banging anyone. I'm your typical math and physics student: we don't have the time or interest to have sex or reproduce.

    PTE is a piece of crap, but since people actually play it, we respond to what people play, not what people *should* play.

    This is ridiculous. You have the audacity not only to unashamedly declare that you don't wish to play the deck in the thread the deck is being discussed, but then you demand that we recognize your deductions as valid?
  3. Parcher
    But we'd like to claim that in 2 years of reasonably frequent testing, that we're going to be the ones who eventually reach the perfect list, and not some random guy who thought about it for a little while even.

    I would have the same respect and assumption about someone else who started the deck this much before I did. If you think about it, comparing your understanding of the deck to mine is like calling me clinically retarded, not because you're clinically retarded, but because you're probably not 20 times smarter than I am.

    The deck is mostly developed. While you're technically free to try new things, we don't suggest it after only "a couple days worth of actual testing" or thinking. There might be changes in the future, but they will (for obvious reasons) be predominantly from those who have thought about the deck.
  4. Parcher
    Latest gem; which has since been deleted:

    "I suppose that without Mother of Runes, UW Tempo or whatever isnít a deck, but I didnít really think it was a real deck to begin with. " -Luis Scott Vargas

    "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." -Sir Isaac Newton
  5. Parcher
    You show up to a tournament without playing blue= your own risk. I don't see how people even have the gall to complain about combo when they refuse to run blue, when at the same time people are like: You know what I should do? I should splash green for tarmogoyf! Yeah! Also, red for REB. RAWRAWRAWR
  6. Wargoos
    Obviously every deck falls in a pillar, and pillars can converge (which sort of makes the physical analogy somewhat less effective), but being at the top is equivalent to not being strictly dominated by any deck. (Strict domination is a "within reason" thing.)

    Additionally, I think that survival is quite a good deck. The top 5 decks in legacy right now are UWT, Bant Survival, Charbelcher, Zoo, and Reanimator. Despite being nearly strictly dominated by Charbelcher, ANT is also pretty good.

    Sorry I just lost it.
    This guy is a total idiot.
  7. 4eak
    "If I were the creator of BantSur, I'd probably speak of it with almost as much of an advertising tone that I speak of UWT. It seems to play moderately well without survival. (It's like a strictly worse UWT, which is pretty good.) But then if it lands survival, then it's probably even better than UWT. (Although I've won my fair share of games even after survival resolved, but mostly against other nonBANT survival.) Definitely, BantSur with survival in play is not strictly worse than UWT, which is how it gets to be the top of its own pillar."

  8. Skeggi
    As Forbiddian did some research and found that UW Tempo is the best deck evar. It's probably wise to pack a deck with alot of UW Tempo hate. Like basic Mountains.

    "So I compiled all the data from all the SCGs tournaments, if this is more useful to anyone, though I actually think top 8 penetration is a better measurement, since to make top 8 you have to beat other decks that are winning but you can dick around in the loser's bracket without a chance to make any prizes by playing a deck that beats scrub decks and still look good.

    But anyway, here's the match win percentage of various decks.

    UW Tempo: 65.1
    Natural Order, though I have no idea what this field means, it includes Natural Order and Natural Order Progenitus: 59.1
    Merfolk: 56.5
    Belcher: 55.3
    Lands: 54.2
    Zoo: 53.6
    Aggro Loam: 53.4
    Dredge: 53.4
    Survival: 52.2
    NO Bant: 50.8
    Countertop 50.0 (though this is a pretty large bin pile)
    Enchantress: 48.3
    ANT: 47.1
    Painter: 39.8
    Elves: 25.0
    Ninjas!: 0.0"
  9. Phoenix Ignition
    Phoenix Ignition
    My idea is to name the deck "Phoenix Ignition v0.6." We're glad the corresponding Source Member didn't choose a handle like "I'm an idiot" because that would make for a horrible deck name.


    Anyway, as you can see our matchup against zoo is ~50%, and even less against some of the most anti-UW Tempo builds.
  10. Skeggi
    In an attempt to tackle the uprising of the awe-inspiring NoGoyf, I suggest we all run maindeck

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