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  1. Parcher
    "Okay, I'm hoping that after the tournament, you'll see why Matt and I do not make the changes you suggested. (In fact, we have justified explicitly previously in the thread.)

    However, if you go unpunished, we do get to chalk up more victories, so it's unclear which one would be more rewarding. The changes you suggested are horrible, unless they're being made for budget reasons.

    EDIT: As a general question, have people at your local tournaments learned to bring an extra pair of pants in case they shit themselves when you drop weathered wayfarer? Or are they still like: Weathered wayfarer is bad lolololol I won't waste removal on it, yeah! "
  2. Getsickanddie
    From Vacrix, Chief Banana Rider.

    "Gods gift to legacy my foot. Everyone hates on UW Tempo because they don't think its that good. Thats fucking bullshit. I'm sick to death of hearing all this UW Tempo flame. Its an amazing deck at the top of Tier 2. The sooner Sourcers realizes this, the better. Matt and Jeff have hard evidence to back up their claims while everyone else simply justifies their position with 'well you're ridiculously exaggerating your claims, so I'm right'. What does it have to do to be taken seriously? Win a fucking GP? Sure its their pet deck so they defend it fervently, but they are certainly not exaggerating their claims. I played against Matt at the last tournament and he completely raped me, when I thought I had a good UW Tempo match (because I mistook it for a good version of Merfolk).
  3. Getsickanddie
    I was wrong. Its WAY better than Merfolk, and he completely destroyed me in both games, I playing SI (which has a favorable Merfolk matchup). Just because the deck uses cards that don't look good doesn't mean the aren't good IRL. Its one of those decks that performs as well on paper as it does IRL, if not better. I played this deck on MWS for the longest time, until I dropped it to test variants of decks I owned IRL. Its really fun to play, and it really does have a great matchup against the field. I would drop Weathered Wayfarer against Thresh all day and people would say, "PSH HAHHAHA, what a noob!! I should quit right now!!"2 games later, they would bitch and moan about how they couldn't cast anything all they lost to, you guessed it, Weathered Fucking Wayfarer.
  4. Getsickanddie
    Thats really what the card should read. Weathered Fucking Wayfarer. W Tap: Fuck your opponenet's shit up. Because thats what it does. Everytime I see this shit like "yup, you can never be better than them because they test 16 hours a day..", I just laugh to myself. Do you realize how dumb you guys look? Its like denying the holocaust. I'd like to slap you, but there's a fucking screen in the way.

    I have immense respect for Matt and Jeff for developing UW Tempo. The least haters could do is keep their demonstrably false comments to themselves. But did I or anyone expect to find mentally competent people on the interwebs? Certainly not."
  5. Phoenix Ignition
    Phoenix Ignition
    God, the best part was where he actually believed what you said. I can't believe this, it's like a cult of zombies, with absolutely no brain power of their own. If this group didn't exist I would honestly be scared.
  6. mossivo1986
    Everyone should join team Pi4meterftw, to petition that the name be changed to recognize Forbiddian too. Afterall, the grand symmetry of the situation would be ruined upon failure to recognize that Forbiddian and I are the same person.
  7. Parcher
    I'm 99% sure now that this is all some elaborate trolling. No one can be this dense:

    "I don't know why everybody is so paranoid about the "2-4 for 1" when sphinx gets swordsed. You wouldn't discard them if they were good cards. You probably wouldn't even play sphinx, but rather your other good stuff, if your hand was that full of goodies. I know it sucks to be like: damn 1:4'd. But if you think about it for 5 seconds, sphinx can't really screw you out of more than a few extra lands and vials or whatever, if you play it correctly."
  8. Phoenix Ignition
    Phoenix Ignition
    "It's not that hard. I wanted to get to 'Has nothing to contribute' from +10, which corresponds to needing -21. I was able to get it without any trouble in like 2 months. Presumably, people who kiss up enough can run in reverse in about the same time."

    That's a life lesson for all of you. Never try to be seen as someone worth listening to, being seen as a douche bag who contributes nothing is far cooler. Because we are non-conformists, and we don't care about what the rest of you think (we really do though, because we keep posting in every possible place we can). All you Adepts and mods with the rating points are very far from The Scripture which He is speaking.
  9. Wargoos

    The 4/4 status is just great, but sometimes I just wished I had a big unconditional finisher.

    And the heavens shall tremble!
  10. Phoenix Ignition
    Phoenix Ignition
    Well I've stopped reading the UWT thread because I fear it just drains my IQ, but you can't escape his idiocy no matter where he posts. I've just about had it with this site as it is becoming largely a pi4, forbid, valcrix + friends trolling board, but you really get to see what kind of a messed up person pi4 is on these pages

    Must not have had parents or something, this shit is unreal...
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