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  1. Re: [Discussion] Metagame Breakdown for GP Columbus

    @Bane: If there is no use in trying to play the metagame; obviously, it is would be in ones best intrest to just play the best deck in the format. Do you think that there is a best deck? If so,...
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    Re: [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

    There will be additional product based on attendance. I will speak with the store owner for additional details about this though.
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    [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

    Just trying to do my job and promote my own little neck of the world. Cincinnati, OH will have its own Grand Prix Columbus Trial, held at YottaQuest.

    In Saturday May 12th join us for...
  4. Re: [Discussion] Metagame Breakdown for GP Columbus

    Hello, maybe not the best place to drop a first post...
    However, I am intrested in seeing this turn back into a productive conversation again. I have attempted, sometime futilely, to play a wide...
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