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    Re: [DTB] UWx Miracle Control

    LOL. Try playing online. I've played no less than 2 mirrors in every league I've played, and I've been doing horribly. I revisited the primer and some articles and changed the list. First mirror went...
  2. Re: [Official] Bitching About Prices, Buyouts and Reprints Thread

    Urza's Bauble now $5-10.
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    Re: Urza's Bauble reveal

    So I'm watching Round 8 of the SCG Team Open in Atlanta and this issue came up in the feature match on camera. The Bomberman player activated Urza's Bauble and the opponent laid out their hand face...
  4. Re: WotC still not granting WPN Premium status to the MKM Series

    I'm guessing that EW events have a 4x multiplier? I think they do qualify as "WPN Premium" events, since Card Titan does operate a brick and mortar (albeit under a different name). SCG Tour events...
  5. Re: [Official] Bitching About Prices, Buyouts and Reprints Thread

    ...which also means that Flash is now $6.
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    Re: [SCD] Words of Wisdom

    Honestly I just like Night's Whisper better. Sorcery speed is a bummer, but the card is always good, whereas Words of Wisdom needs Leovold to be playable.
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    Re: You can erase 1 card from the game: which?

    Mental Misstep
  8. Re: The Legacy Premier League - Coming to Twitch April 20th

    Ah, so this means players will be using the same lists in the playoffs as in the first round. I was under the impression (hopes?) that they would have new decks each round.
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    Re: Legacy Lantern

    Is Field of Dreams on MTGO yet? I want to try this deck but not until I can play with it online for practice.
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    Re: [DTB] Miracle Control

    I was half-trying to pick up Tundras and the Miracle cards so i could play this deck. Shipped off the CBs to buylist already and stuck with a set of Tops, but w/e. Can we find room for Land Tax and...
  11. Re: The Legacy Premier League - Coming to Twitch April 20th

    With the new ban taking effect, are we still going to see Miracles decks in weeks 3 and 4 or will the pilots need to submit new Legacy-legal lists?

    I guess everyone in weeks 3 and 4 should have to...
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    Re: Czech Pile (UBGr Control)

    I'm huge on Liliana, the Last Hope. Being able to pick off Delvers, Elves, and Infect creatures is fantastic, and she gives us another win condition against Miracles. One that can't be interacted...
  13. Re: The Legacy Premier League - Coming to Twitch April 20th

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    Re: Is Legacy huge in Slovakia?

    I don't know, I never heard of a Slovak Pile though. ;)
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    Re: Team Unified Legacy

    Death & Taxes, 4 Color Control, Dredge.

    Nobody is packing hate for D&T because they expect every team to be on Miracles. Nobody expects the Czech Pile for the same reason, and it's also very...
  16. Re: Eternal Extravaganza 6 - 20k Legacy Event - March 18 - Baltimore, MD

    I think the low turnout was severely affected by the MM3 release. The event was planned for the release weekend with the idea of having a sealed 5K, but all the local stores running their own MM3...
  17. Re: Quest for Power #2 MOX RUBY - Hosted by MTGFirst - April 2nd (Sunday) Glen Burnie

    Was this event moved up a couple weeks? I have it marked down as April 16th.
  18. Re: [Article] Top 5 Legacy Decks According to the Experts

    Lands being at a 2% metagame share is a factor of the Reserved List, due to the high as balls price of Tabernacle. If Tabernacle weren't Reserved, Lands would be a top-tier DTB and the metagame would...
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    Re: [DTB] Team America (Midrange/Control Thread)

    Hey guys! I saw some of the discussion on Team America with a red splash and I've been playing with a 4c BUG control build for a while to some decent success. I got 3rd in a 102 person EE Platinum...
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    Re: Petition to end the reserved list policy

    That's on him. My LGS owner said he was getting something like 160 cases of MM3. He told the distributor he'd take as much as he could get, while others seem to play it safe.

    He's sold out of MM2...
  21. Re: Wasteland in first turn on the draw, is always a bad move?

    I agree that it's a terrible plan against Tempo, but again, there are exceptions. I was playing game 3 of a Grixis Delver mirror on the draw and kept a 4 land hand with double Waste. My first two...
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    Re: Petition to end the reserved list policy

    I totally understand the Reserved List and I'm behind it about 95%. There's a huge about of absolutely terrible cards on there that nobody wants reprinted. WOTC is clearly experimenting with a more...
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    Re: The current state of Magic

    Nostalgia sustains Old School, tournament support and competitive drive drive Standard.
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    Re: Urza's Bauble reveal

    From my conversation with the original player, when the judge was called for the paper game, they laid the cards face down on the table, rolled a die to determine the random peek, and then shuffled...
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    Re: Urza's Bauble reveal

    That's what I thought. The judge in the other player's event was wrong then. Thanks.
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