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    Re: TinFins 3: Return of the Onion Burst

    I've been trying a wish list on cockatrice and even if it's nice yo adapt to the hate they use it's clunky, the deck is fast but doesn't seems to have enough aceleration to suport cuning wish (maybe...
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    Re: Double-Faced Cards

    that's the real reason they did this they just got to many complains about that lol
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    Re: U/G Simic Deck, focused on Lorescale Coatl

    Force of Will, Daze and Mental Misstep. Reason: they are free :D

    Since most of your creatures are green and you want to cast Lorescale Coatl the soonest possible green sun's zenith + dryad arbor...
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    Re: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

    they do but it is still too slow and it's probably the worst use of the mimeomancer

    on another note where is the removal? swords/path should go in

    and you have to add green for zoodiac rooster...
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    Re: [SCD] Myr Superion

    vine dryad? tinder wall, blood pet, wild cantor (it seems fun but at the same time meh...)
  6. Poll: Re: Assuming that $1500 average deck costs are unsustainable...

    Yes I would.

    The problem is not the cost of the format the. The cost of the format is merely a consequence of the scarcity of cards which will cause that at a certain point no one will be able to...
  7. Poll: Re: Assuming that $1500 average deck costs are unsustainable...

    Great idea as if the original dual weren't good enough lol.

    And snow duals are an dangerous idea, you realise people could play 8 duals if those existed right? (although that would probably just...
  8. Poll: Re: Assuming that $1500 average deck costs are unsustainable...

    While the reserved list is bad I can't think of it as the main problem (the only things there are duals and they could create good substitutes for that when fetchlands rotate out of T2).
    The main...
  9. Poll: Re: Assuming that $1500 average deck costs are unsustainable...

    well now I'm really going to talk shit back at you

    a) Donations to charity are unethical if you ever take a break of making so much money I recommend that you read Kant if you disagree.

    b) i...
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    Re: WGB infect control (≈stax)

    ok i'm going to to cut both invigorate and wildsize and add 4 trinisphere and 4 armagedon, witch reduces the colors to only WB so i can update the mana base and add Flagstones of Trokair i'll update...
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    WGB infect control (≈stax)

    Hi to all

    I'm trying to enter in legacy (actually it's kinda dificult lol) an so i'm trying to modify stax by giving it a quicker finisher using infect (aka: phyrexian crusader)

    the deck...
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