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  1. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    This deck can't run spells that cost less than 6.

    And Emrakul is just too good due to the fact that it is not counterable, it gives you an extra turn (acting de facto as an extra copy of wanderer)...
  2. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    Both decks made it to 5-1, one list has less lands and 8 leylines sb, the other list has 40 lands and the throes+tibalt package and looks like...
  3. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    I was very enthusiastic of "Throesbalt" being discardproof and one turn faster than CMC6 cascaders, I've been trying it against a wide range of opponents, from reanimator to storm to elves and...
  4. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    The match is textbook demonstration that pitch counterspells are a bad deal against this deck, your opponent saw 2-3 per game and yet wasn't able to stop you.
    In one of the games one can see very...
  5. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    sorry, double post. To add to the above, I haven't tried Imoti but I suspect it doesn't do much while comboing, or it could even be detrimental. A priori, your cmc6 cascaders will be cascading twice...
  6. Re: 'Mississippi River' (All In Creativity Technique Combo)

    I think there are interesting choices, just to name one this player is skipping spiders and every cmc6 cascader is red.
    And that is a reasonable choice, Spiders are very strong but can't be cascaded...
  7. Re: Cool Cats and Kittens (Kaheera companion with cats)

    I think a stompy shell like the one in the OP is a good choice. I would ditch green, add some Thorn of Amethysts in the md, move up the lurrus count to 2 (just op, frankly) and add Mirror entity and...
  8. Thread: Obosh B'gosh

    by Cave

    Re: Obosh B'gosh

    Chandra Nalaar and Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh allow you do the gimmick-y oneshot in tandem with that companion. The only shell that would fit those cards is sort of a dragon stompy stuff, but sadly...
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    Re: How to save Legacy

    I don't care that much about the original thread, I just came in to say that using shocklands in legacy is nonsense bar specific deck interactions (e.g. Shadow). Yes they are only slightly worse than...
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    Re: [DTB] ANT (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) Storm Combo

    I'm not sure, you know? It's 4 chalice + anything between 1-4 trinispheres and 1-4 Chokes +1-2 Gaddock Teeg.
    I know the chance of a single lock piece + mox are inferior to the chances he has...
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    Re: [DTB] ANT (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) Storm Combo

    ...Am I missing something obvious there?
    Green Stompy play Teeg, Chalice, Trinisphere, Choke.
    They know what we're up to because it's g3 (I posted my answer before ScottW's edits @Miscanthus) and...
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    Re: [DTB] ANT (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) Storm Combo

    T1 Misty Rainforest, crack, get Bayou, Thoughtseize him.
    Take Mox Diamond. Pass.

    In his turn, we are stopped by him drawing another copy of Mox Diamond or him playing wasteland and destroying...
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    Re: [Deck] MonoU OmniTell

    Agreed. Pyroblast is an extremely good card, but saying it is the main reason to choose a red splash is false. Burning Wish is the reason. Being able to win at instant speed is important at times,...
  14. Re: Legacy Basic: A legacy variant format in which all rare nonbasic lands are banned

    Yep. But frankly, preordain is just that strong on its own.
    Also, the idea that Omni-tell is slowed down by not having Sol Lands is pretty naive.
  15. Re: Making Magic Fun Again - A new format where every single card is legal as long as

    I'll come in like a wrecking ball with disturbing arrogance.
    It looks like you want a format without blue shenanigans.
    Well, of all the guys screaming for blue nerfs in that damned thread I won't...
  16. Re: Why is this forum being abandoned for discord threads?

    It has something to do with book culture vs internet culture I think. Forums are a relatively slow tool to communicate: it takes some time to write a well thought post, and it takes time for others...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: All B/R update speculation.

    Blue players know that Cotv kills all their cantrips and their fancy cmc 1's, but this doesn't stop them from running all the good stuff, because it's too strong.
    That is "format homogeneization",...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: All B/R update speculation.

    On the other hand, up until International Master level, nobody knows 20 moves of theory and everyone plays their pet opening trying to win with both white and black no matter what. Even at...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: All B/R update speculation.

    Let's say you and I were to duel to death. Each one of us has 3 seconds to open a box, find a weapon in it and shoot.
    Box A has got a 95% of chance to be empty and 5% of chance to give you an...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: All B/R update speculation.

    I think this is true and very interesting. My idea is that it has something to do with power level. In a lower power-level format, I might as well allow you to do your thing, then do my thing, and...
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    Re: Obscure Cards with Latent Potential

    Looks spicy, but it has :r: :r: printed on it, and cmc4, and it also requires setup cards that either don't fit well in the format or don't fit well together (e.g. 4x Lingering Souls/Dragon...
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    Re: The Deck (AF) - Heavy Control UW

    Not playing the deck (well, THE deck) but just surfing through the forum an came across this and I can't help thinking that this list screams "play Supreme Verdict".
    Has it been considered?
    If i...
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    Re: [DTB] Grixis Control / Thieves

    #Unmoored ego is just slightly better than Lost Legacy, a card that nobody plays and it gets lands too. Grixis control is a deck packing a lot of permission: you don't really need to tap out for 3...
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    Re: [DTB] Sneak and Show

    It's combo vs. combo, so no matter how favourite or underdog you are, there's gonna be instances where one deck instagibs the other with little to no room for counterplay. Variance matters a great...
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    Re: Unplayable Chunderbucket Pile (but with chalice)

    I don't read that thread anymore.
    I personally find that 1000+ pages of the same senseless banter and rotten arguments between the "ban brainstorm", the "ban fetchlands" and the "legacy good as it...
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