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Thread: [Deck] Affinity

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    Re: [Deck] Affinity

    Quote Originally Posted by Reeplcheep View Post
    I saw some crazy screenshots of UR delver playing pulverize.
    An old Vintage favorite right there, no doubt. I actually don't think you can trade like that with this deck though, generally, unless you totally wipe their mana out with it.
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    Re: [Deck] Affinity

    Quote Originally Posted by H View Post
    Yeah, that is exactly why Deed is a top 3 favorite card of mine, it is worded (and works) so oddly, even for the time it was printed. I'd actually love to know who designed it really and why they made so many odd choices.

    The issue with Deed is always how expensive it is though. It was good with DRS (counter-intuitively) so I do kind of wonder if Ignoble Hierarch might help it. (Seems unlikely, but still possible.)

    Also, I wonder if this shell though, could leverage 1-2 Steel Overseer, since it seems so bonkers with Sentinel.
    That wording was standard templating back then. Look at Nevinyrral's Disk and Powder Keg. Back in those days card types didn't overlap except for Artifact Creatures. No artifact lands, no enchantment creatures, no enchantment lands, no land creatures (except manlands with an activation cost). So it was normal to name the types they do kill (old cards: Jokulhaups, Serenity, Creeping Mold) instead of the types they can't kill (Modern cards: Ratchet Bomb, Wild Swing, Bramblecrush) because there was no functional difference. Once they started mixing more card types and creating new card types like Planeswalker, there was a functional difference. As of Mirrodin block's artifact lands, they changed the templating to nonland permanent (Engineered Explosives) because those types of sweepers were never meant to kill lands. However they didn't go back and power errata the old ones.

    Yeah, I was surprised none of the Esper Sentinel lists were using Steel Overseer. Seems very strong with Sentinel, tokens, Ballista, etc.

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